Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tree of Life

I've been working on this piece of artwork for a couple of weeks now on my days off and it's finally done! It's called the "Tree of Life." And... pretty much it's my twisted take on the idea of a tree of life.

Roots of the trees become umbilical cords of babies and fetus' in the ground. On the top of the rocky pillar is the tree of life itself and a woman. The woman has dug one of the babies out of the ground and is holding it in one arm while pulling the cord/root that is still trailing underground.

What does the piece mean? Well... it's art so it can basically be interpreted to mean whatever you want it to. It could be about life, death, the whole process, or our lack of understanding such things. Or, perhaps, it's just a cool picture. Take it however you will.

It took about 8 hours to make and the original is made on an 11"X17" paper using ink and pencil.
Here it is! :D

I'm selling it as a print on Zazzle. Here's the link: "Tree of Life".

I'm also going to sell the original. I just picked up a nice frame to put it in too! How nice! Anyways, I'm not exactly sure how or where I'm going to sell it or how much I'll sell it for yet. But, if anyone who comes across this is interested in buying the original let me know!

If I do happen to put it up online for sale somewhere other than here I'll put a link here:

And, I'll update the status of the original here: *IT'S AVAILABLE*

Amish Crime

I don't really know what to say about the Amish.

I'm glad I wasn't born one. I guess that's about all I can say.

Amish children have no idea what they're missing. With the video games... and the... well, anything that's fun besides yarn and raising barns.

There are exceptions in some Amish communities that allow the use of a computer or a fax or a machine, but all the examples I could find those things in were for businesses owned by an Amish person. That means... they still can't have fun with a computer.

How the heck did an Amish person ever learn to use a computer anyways?! I could see some customer support guy at Dell having the worst day of his life...

Oh well! There probably isn't much "Amish Crime".

Friday, March 27, 2009


Death tends to linger here and there. Well... actually it's freakin' everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE! Bugs, animals, plants, microscopic-whats-its, and even the individual cells in your own body are constantly dieing and being replaced.

Interestingly, the rate at which our cells die and are replaced are supposedly controlled by our genes and DNA (I love the Discovery Channel). So, one day through genetic engineering we may be able to increase our genes instructions to replace those cells at the same rate they are dieing... meaning... we never die! HUZZAH!

Of course, this assumes no outside influence I suspect. Escpecially if you did happen to land on a very sharp pole somehow which pierced you and the blood and the pain and the "Death". Triangle Dude knows what I'm talking about.

Anyways, I remember doing this death clock in high school. Apparently, I have until July 3, 2075. That's 66 more years... holy smokes. It'll be summer too - that's pretty nice I guess :D lol

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pokemon Platinum

Can't blog... Too busy... Pokemon... OMGOSH... So addicting...

It's been a while since I've played a Pokemon game - the last one I played was Pokemon Gold. That was 9 years ago. Wow.

I've had the impulse to buy some of the other versions that have been coming out over the years - Sapphire, Ruby, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Diamond, and Pearl. The problem is... I haven't really had anyone else who'd really want to play with me :(

Not this time! When my friend brought it up the other day I jumped at the opportunity! HUZZAH! And OMGOSH... It is so totally addicting. The simple game I knew has changed so much, but it still retains it's simple, easy-to-understand-and-play gameplay.

There have been a whole ton of new little improvements and features that make this Pokemon SO much better than the originals (Not that the originals weren't amazing - they still get the credit!).

Little things, like having a pokeball displayed next to a wild pokemon you encounter lets you know if you've already caught one or not. You're able to read about a pokemon's move and see it's strength and type - this is wonderful! You can see a move before you decide to ditch an old move! (Because pokemon can only know 4 attacks at once). There's so much more and I really can't think of anything to complain about.

Anyways... I'm gonna go play a bit more Pokemon... I picked Turtwig at the start :D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peter Pan

Poor "Peter Pan". Hah, that's alliteration. In Neverland you basically "never" get to do anything. Of course... you don't age soooo.... I don't know. Fun? Or live forever? Oh well!

Although... if you did live forever you could like, make something amazing. Or like, see everything in the world! EVERYTHING! That's a lot of stuff.

One other thing, the RSS Feed for Triangle Dude Comics underwent some changes and anyone who subscribed will have to do so again! Sorry for the inconvenience, here's a link to the new RSS Feed! http://www.tdcomics.com/rss.php.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hansel and Gretel

Things that pop into my head really are quite random. I just have to sit down, or stand, or do whatever... I just need to focus my brain on thinking random and boom!

Soon my mind is going down some middle of nowhere road in the pitch black and every so often something completely random and unexpected whizzes by. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it's awesome, and sadly sometimes it whizzes by too fast for me to get it all down...

For some reason "Hansel and Gretel" whizzed by my speeding mind car analogy. Maybe I was hungry... plus dead animals? (In the comic description)

Whatever, one day I'll be old and completely nuts and I won't ever be able to drive that car in my mind onto the right road and into the daylight again. I just hope there's someone there to take down notes on all my random ideas. It's going to be one awesome ride.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Time Traveler

I read an article about Time Travel once... somewhere on the vast internets. It explained and proposed that if we perfected the science of freezing people and reanimating them then we'd be able to time travel - only forwards though.

The trip into the future would seem instantaneous and with this technology we'd be able to explore distant solar systems and galaxies. That's the only way to travel through space as it would take hundreds.. thousands... millions of years to travel anywhere - therefore we must time travel there!

The article was oh so fascinating and I wish I could find it again. There were many problems and the writer addressed all the ones he could think of... like maintaing a spaceship which holds your frozen time traveling body for years and years. And communication between other time travelers.

Anyways, before I ramble on about robots (yes, we need robots) for time travel I'll leave you with the "Time Travel" adventure with Triangle Dude.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fairy Tales Die

I'm not entirely sure what to right about today, but I'd like to get in the habit of posting something ALMOST everyday. I've been eagerly following the comic "Scary Go Round" (It took me a good chunk of time to go through the archives and catch up to the present day comics - so worth it!) and I really want to do a little feature here and do a little write up on John Allison - because he's awesome :D

But... I'm tired from work today, and don't have the energy to put a lot of thought into much of anything right now lol. Instead, for now, (Sorry John A. just wait a little longer!) I'm going to put up one of my older poems that I recently found again and it always puts a smile on my face :D

Fairy Tales Die - By David Gray

One monstrous night I must believe,
Exactly what it is my eyes did see,
For when the night was almost done,
There was a bear, and only one,
Crossed my path with a lock of hair…
Stopped suddenly and stared…
The hair of which flowed golden round,
Seemed to make angelic sounds,
Smelled sweet and swayed around its jaw,
Until… and this is what I saw,
The bear did open its mouth all wide,
And there a lovely girl cried,
“I’m sorry bear, I really am,
Your porridge I won’t eat again,
Your chair I won’t sit upon,
And your bed I will not sleep there on,
But please, oh please, bear, let me go,
I beg you, beg you, ever so!”
But with a snap his jaw did close,
Made one large gulp and wiggled his nose,
About his belly a large bulge formed,
And for a moment it seemed to storm,
As if the child there within,
Struggled for life against her sin,
Until at once his belly ceased,
The movement gone… she was deceased.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Many Licks?

Today is exactly the day that marks the 6 month anniversary of Triangle Dude's website launch date. In 6 months a lot has happened actually. Many improvements and features were added and I'm very pleased with the amount of traffic it's been receiving.

(that means people are actually looking at it!) :D

Originally the site was extremely basic, and wasn't all that browser and resolution friendly for some. It's still fairly simple and it isn't perfect, but since the beginning I feel it's gotten much better!

The site has had one major make-over since its fruition and will probably see more in the future. I want to thank all my friends and fans for all their input and support! I truly appreciate it.

One more big-ish thing happened yesterday... and that was the launch of the Triangle Dude RSS Feed! You can now subscribe to the feed by clicking the RSS link located under each comic on the website. Or... I'll even provide you with the nice little button below - because I'm nice like that lol.

Anyways, today's comic features the little kid from those tootsie pop commercials... That owl is a real jerk lol. And just because it's funny... "Over 9000 Licks"

Here's the comic! Finally! Gosh!
"How Many Licks?"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pictures for Sad Children

Alright! I've wanted to do this for a while and between being busy and being lazy I've put it off, but I'm finally going to do it. People need to know about this. It's Pictures for Sad Children.

Pictures for Sad Children is a comic that should probably be read from the beginning. Although I'd say the comics themselves can stand out individually as well - it just makes the whole experience that much better having started at the beginning.

The story first revolves around a ghost named Paul who has just died. Later the story starts to revolve around another character named Gary. Paul, and now Gary, work at a Call Center that handles overflow calls from other companies.

There's a lot more than what just happens at work though. Currently the main storyline has been left for new things. The whole series has a very... real, sad, negative, and hilarious feel to it. It can be blunt. It can be serious. It will be and totally is - amazing.

We have the amazing mind of John Campbell to thank for "Pictures for Sad Children." This isn't his only work I recommend checking out though. Links on his LiveJournal, Stereotypist will take you to some other works! I've read and overly enjoyed "Vegas Dump", and "The Man Who Used To Know Everything".

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wishing Well

Wishing Wells are pretty amazing. I wonder if the city, or whoever owns the well or even a fountain for that matter, cleans it out? Do they clean out the peoples wishes?!

What if that wish came true... and then... all of a sudden the wish wouldn't have happened anymore! If you wished for your great great great grandpa to come to life again and then he did... he'd just all of a sudden die again! And then he'd smell again... Nobody wants that...

Anyways, Triangle Dude gets to go to the "Wishing Well" today, and he's a little bit thirsty...

Soulstorm LAN

Played some Dawn of War Soulstorm LAN style this weekend. Fun! Had a group of five people and I got some good screen shots from two different battles.

Some of these screens have whole masses of a certain unit. It's a great sight. There's a bunch of 'em :P

Got a nice shot of a Bloodthirster jumping in the air too!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stranded, But Not Alone

"I'm stranded on an island alone,
with no reception on my phone"
la la la.

Triangle Dude gets totally stranded, but he knows how to get some company. There are no volleyballs on this island either. WILSON!

He's "Stranded, But Not Alone".

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Dead Weather

I came across some interestingly awesome information today! While browsing Pitchfork, a music news site, a picture of Jack White from the White Stripes caught my eye.

Here's the article if you quickly want to jump to it: "Jack White Plays Drums in New Band With Kills Singer"

Basically, While the White Stripes are on hiatus (something I was unaware of) and The Raconteurs are between albums, Jack has time to get together and make music with a third band - "The Dead Weather".

Members include: Jack White of the White Stripes (duh), Alison Mosshart of The Kills, Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs, and Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age and The Raconteurs.

Apparently, Jack is playing drums and singing. Also, their LP "Horehound" is already freakin' done! I can't believe I hadn't heard of any of this... and they've already finished an album - it comes out this June.

Check out "The Dead Weather".

There's a couple songs on they're site to preview. One is a cover of Gary Numan's, "Are Friends Electric?" Awesome. I love the original and they did a good job of covering it.

Another good cover is the White Stripes cover of Tegan and Sara's "Walking With a Ghost" :D
The sound quality in both videos aren't great though... :( ... oh well!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So Hardcore

Triangle Dude is soooo hardcore.
How hardcore?
If he were a planet, he'd be a super dense planet... because then he'd have a harder core.
How hardcore?
When life gives him lemons - he throws them back at life's face!

Anyways, here's the comic where Triangle Dude is "So Hardcore."

On a related note - guitar smashing was first done by Peter Townshend from "The Who." I've also read that there may have been a few other lesser known instances where a guitarist smashed their guitar, but I believe Peter is the first one to really get it known. Interestingly Peter may have also smashed the first guitar by accident... but the crowd loved it and so... he kept doing it lol.

Guess what... Wikipedia even has an entry on "instrument destruction"... wow.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mourning-After Pill Artwork

I'm so tired...
I've been at this art for quite a while now...
But, all that time and hard work is paying off! :D

I've been making some artwork for Fairfire's new EP called "Mourning-After Pill." There's been a couple iterations and some changes here and there, but hopefully, I'm thinking, (crossing my fingers) that this is pretty much it. That all the really hard production work is done now and the images are approved and ready for print! :D

I really liked the first iterations of some of the characters, but I managed to improve them quite a bit this time around. I was really fond of the original Call Girl design, but the style wasn't as fitting with everything else. She was more my style, but it's not all about "my style" lol.

Here are the pictures!

And just because it's cool to see how they all changed I'm gonna put up the originals here too. :P
Some are not incredibly different, and it's not that the others were bad - they just weren't right. I still like 'em :D

Monday, March 9, 2009

Warhammer Weekend!

Saturday!... is sadly over now... but! 'Twas amazing this weekend. Got up early and watched "Chowder," went to my friends house and played some video games, went to games workshop, and had a really really really good Warhammer battle.

So, first of all, Chowder is hilarious. It's more than worth it to get up at 8:00 in the morning to watch it. For some... that's not that early so... COME ON! You know you want to see why... The Best of Chowder.

The Warhammer battle was great! And... we actually finished an entire game! A whole 6 turns! It took us... quite a while actually lol. I even have some super, duper, amazing, awesome pictures to put up!

Here's mine and my friend's entire forces. On the left is my friend's Eldar force and on the right is my Tau Force. Both of us have approximately 2500 points-ish.

Here's a horribly cropped and combined photo of the battlefield on the first turn. The battle was between the left 3000 point force of Eldar units vs. the right force of 1500 point Tau and 1500 point Imperial Guard units.

Here's a photo from the third turn I believe. 3 Basilisks are still sending indirect fire from the top right corner into the left Eldar force. But the Eldar forces are many and ended up getting really close to the other side of the board and even getting in combat with a few units.

*UPDATE* Just so nobody gets completely confused. We usually end up representing certain units on the battlefield. We're not rich! (As Warhammer, for those who don't know, is kinda pricy.)

We actually finished all 6 turns and the battle ended in a draw.
There's a bunch more photos over on Flickr. Check out my Warhammer Photo Set.

Doing Time

I've been on this planet for a fair bit of time I suppose. About 1, 2, 3... carry the one... times 4... about 20 years if my math is accurate - which really may not be the case considering my brain continues to dump it at a constant rate. Pretty soon I'll be at the 9th grade level.

Anyone up for a High School mulligan?
Didn't think so...

Triangle Dude's painfully counting the time in the new comic "Doing Time."

Also, check out this cool website that lets you punch in your date of birth and then it'll tell you a whole ton of information relating to it. I learned that I share a Birthday with the dreamy and mysterious David Duchovny :D mmm... Fox Mulder...

Here's the site: paulsadowski.com.