Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where the Heck Have I Been?

Where the heck have I been? Man it's been a while. Well, I've been pretty much doing the same stuff I last left off on here. I've finished Riven Pheonix's "Structure of Man" and have been working through some of Andrew Loomis's books now. It's exciting to see the progress I've made and even more exciting to know that if I keep up with all this hard work I'll only get better and better!

Below is picture proof of the culmination of how much my anatomy knowledge and my drawing ability has grown (and this is a few months old now!). At the time I completed this I'd say I was struggling with drawing the human figure, but my understanding of the figure had grown immensely. Thanks Riven!

Now, as I've said, I've started on Andrew Loomis. I've also been supplementing with "Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists" by Joseph Sheppard and "Human Anatomy" by András Szunyoghy and Dr. György Fehér. Both great books I'd highly recommend. Using Loomis as a guide I've been practicing drawing mannicans and basic human bodies. The repetition and study is proving fruitful!

Additionally, I've taken to doing at the very least 100 drawings of the things I'm currently working on. First up is arms. The sheet below includes me repeating exercises and drawings from books, drawing from photo reference, and trying to draw some arms from imagination - which is the ultimate goal.

I haven't done as many "character doodles," as I like to call them, as I would've liked to yet, but here are a few of them below. I was trying a technique I saw on YouTube by Luigi Lucarelli - which is fairly quick, fun, and gets the creativity juices flowing!

Lastly, the Fort Langley Studio, located in none other than Fort Langley, BC, had a Halloween exhibit last month showcasing all sorts of scary art! I made a few pieces for the gallery and had them on display there for a couple of weeks. :D

I give you, Curious Centipede, Family Dinner, and Hallow's Eve Horror.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anatomy Tutorial Drawings!

Look at all these pictures of drawings of things my hands made. I'm more than half way through my "The Structure of Man" video tutorials and I have got to say I have truly learned a lot. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone out there who wants to learn the basics of the Human Anatomy.

New Triangle Dudes

Well, I finally added some new comics! Hooray! It truly had been a long time since the last few comics I had made.

This round of new comics includes some various Valentine Day comics for asking out your Sweety. Wink Wink. Also, I've decided the moon is just full of itself, some noses are too pointy, and the future of vehicular propulsion rests on the shoulders of the "external combustion engine."

Hopefully the period between this and the next round of comics won't be so long, but I've learned I really suck at keeping this kind of promise. New Triangle Dude's will be... whenever I feel like it! They truly are slowing down, but I still plan to get at least 400 of them, and finish the rest of the books - you know, for completions sake!