Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Me and some friends spent some time putting together some new Warhammer models. They have two different glues: Plastic, and Metal. Both are fairly serious stuff. The metal glue is a pain in the butt, but once it sets... it's not going anywhere. I really want to test the strength of "glue" this way.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about making up for last Friday's lack of a comic. There will be an extra one going up on this.... SATURDAY! :D Happy Day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Spy

"I Spy". This game... I think was at one time fun - but I can not express how bored this game makes me. First of all, people usually only play it when they're already bored to begin with and have nothing better to do - it quite possible makes me even more bored though.

When my little brother would play this with me I used to just point arbitrarily in the direction he had been looking and ask... "is it that?" And he'd answer, "the car?" or "the tree?" or "that garbage can?" and then I'd say... "yes, that." And then I'd win - he eventually grew up and caught on. Luckily he grew up to realize that "I Spy" is boring as well.

How to Exercise

Triangle Dude brings you a slightly helpful guide on "How to Exercise". I really want to try this, but alas... I do not have a treadmill - let alone one I'd want to chance destroying...

Anyways, The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately and so I've actually managed to get outside a fair amount! Which is the main inspiration for the comic above. My goal this year... is to get a tan - not even a good one, just some sort of tan. Last year I remained a white white white white no tan white... much like the Triangle Dude "White and Nerdy" comic.

So it was beautiful outside as I mentioned. Me and some friends took the Skytrain and Bus down to Vancouver and went rollerblading! Yeah! We rollerbladed up to Stanley Park, did a lap around the sea wall, and went all the way down to Telus World of Science... it was a bit of a workout! Almost 20 kilometres... or for you imperialists - 12 miles! Ya, I felt like collapsing when I got home. Good day!

Sniper Fail

Cats are a problem for snipers. I think they secretly have been for a while now. Anyone who believes they are a worthy target for assassination should go to the pet store right now - and buy a cat. Heck, get a few of them really. Can you really put a price on safety? Technically yes, but that's just the way the world works.

Anyways, cats are a good way to a make a "Sniper Fail".


Alright, it's been a little while since I've updated this and I feel kind of guilty about neglecting it. Also, I did not do a Triangle Dude Comic for last Friday - for that I am sorry.

I've been busy and such, and this week was a nightmarish stressful heck of a time at work (the actual job that keeps this comic alive). Luckily the stress has passed and I'm going to make up for that missed day - I'll be adding an extra comic to this week! WOOH! It's not really "extra" though because it's more like I'm catching up.

Anyways, new comics are drafted up and on their way to full realization soon all ready for your viewing enjoyment. Plus, I'm gonna catch up the posts on the blog here.

I'm going to hopefully get some other art done soon as well... in other news... I got the new album by "The Decemberists" today which is... well... incredible of course.

Friday, April 17, 2009

War Giraffe

The War Giraffe was made by Giraffes, for Giraffes, but inevitably stolen and used by Triangle Dudes. Advanced technology includes Dual Muscle-Mounted Turrets and Knee Pads. (The Knee Pads add a surprising amount of defensive power) It also seats 3! and consumes NO GAS! Not emission free though I'm afraid.


Ya, I'm kind of late on bloggin' this one. Oh well. What ya gonna do? I've been busy working and being lazy when I'm not working.

Anyways! War is definitely a smelly business. Lettin' a nice ripe fart rip during the middle of combat probably didn't make too much of a difference during battle - but it would be pretty funny.

It's one of those things nobody would talk about, but I'm sure it's happened. Even in these days - I mean come on, it's not healthy to hold it in all the time. Just don't let it give away your position to the enemy - that would suck.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shrinking Problem

There's always some sort of "Shrinking Problem" with shrinking. Either it doesn't work... or it backfires and ends up killing the shrinker, shrinkee, or everything else.

It would be a great way to solve the Earth's over crowding problem. Just shrink everything on the Earth down to a smaller scale and presto! Instantly there's more space. Of course this introduces a whole ton of other problems... so it's only a great solution "in theory."

I really want to watch Honey I shrunk the kids now or any of those movies in the franchise. Or actually, Space Balls. This guy is just awesome.

Tourny - Ment

This weekend me and some friends had a Warhammer 40K tournament. We had to hold an objective, a building in the middle of the battlefield, with some troops to win. Kind of like a "King of the Hill" type game. It went really well, though I couldn't be there to see the first couple of games.

Anyways, I got some pictures and I decided to put em up. The rest of the photos are up in my Flickr photostream in my "Warhammer" set. You can check out the new photos starting "Here" in the set.

These two actually didn't have anything to do with any of the games or battles - I just thought the pictures came out really well and both look pretty sweet.

Here's a Daemon Prince getting piled on by a bunch of Gene Stealers.

And here's one heck of a showdown between Avatar on the left and a Hive Tyrant on the right. That Tyrant looks sick. Like, there's so many pointy things on him. Just picking him up is a hazard.

Friday, April 10, 2009


"Potential" is dangerous. It has the possibility of turning into something else... and quite frankly that is scary. I am afraid of potential. lol Nah, potential is awesome, but potential really doesn't mean anything at all if it never gets past that stage of "potential."

In Physics, I learned that basically anything that isn't completely sprawled out flat on the surface of the Earth has a degree of potential - potential energy that is.

This gives me an idea for a shirt... hmmm... we'll see... There is potential...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Oh My Gosh... I'm so excited! The beloved children's book by Maurice Sendak, "Where The Wild Things Are" is being made into a movie!

I can't get enough of the Where The Wild Things Are Trailer.
(Click the HD button to watch in HD - it looks amazing - and well, it's HD!)

Oh Yeah! And music by Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs :D

It reminds me of being a kid and all the imagination and fun it was. I can't wait to see this movie - Have to wait until October 16, 2009 for it though! Gah! That's too long!... it should be worth the wait though. OOOoOOOooO it looks great *goes to watch trailer again*.


Yes... Triangle Dude has taken a crack at religion. (Don't kill me please)

But who hasn't these days? ...And that makes it totally okay :D

Anyways, it's all about the "Imaginary" friend. I won't comment too much on it, partly because I think the comic says enough already, and the fact that I am still attempting to avoid any more confrontations with religious freaks people.

Hah, it reminds me of the comment I got on this "Jesus Picture" I did for a band then called "Faithless Future" now called "Young Machetes".

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Break Out

If only a "Break Out" of the pimple and zit kind was as much "fun" and as "disgusting" as the one portrayed by Triangle Dude.

Ha ha, I also took a YouTube journey through the various videos of people popping their pimples... wow. My reactions were all over the place - one moment disgusted, another moment excited, and another moment I would be laughing or cringing. It was quite an adventure... if you have a fairly strong stomach I encourage you to partake on your on journey. Hahaha, oh gosh it's amazing!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So I was kind of bored - and I really didn't feel like going to bed yet. So I decided to make something. I had no idea what to make, but a 45 minute random image spree and Photoshop romp has produced the following...

Say hello to the Hellaphant. It WILL find you. Its nature is strange and people are often confused by its behavior. One moment it will be putting out a fire with its fire extinguisher (Hellaphants are known to steal fire extinguishers and are thought to have large stashes of them in their cave - their theft of fire extinguishers does contribute to more fires, but the Hellaphant often returns to put out the fire) and the next moment they'll be brutally beating someone over the head with it.

Not much else is known of this creature. They have been seen eating all manner of things including giraffes and basketball players.

It's proportionally medium sized wings are often not enough to lift the large creature and so it is thought a rite of passage occurs at a certain age where said Hellaphant goes in search for its own turbines.

Guitar Hero

"Guitar Hero" will smite you with the power of rock and roll. On a slightly related note, anyone seen The Spongebob Squarepants Movie?

Anyways, Spongebob's got the power of Rock and or Roll down pat.