Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunset Rubdown

Sunset Rubdown, good stuff. My friends instantly picked up on what a "sunset - rubdown" would be... (think dirty).

Of course this had never dawned on me lol. I always kind of pictured the some sort of spiritual sort of sunset washing down the soul... or something like that.

Anywho, this picture is inspired by the name and the music of Sunset Rubdown.

It was a pretty quick little doodle thing, but I liked the way it turned out. Makes me want to go for my yet-to-be-used watercolors. I need more time and energy! There's too much art to make!

Facebook Ads...

Alright. Anyone heard of Facebook? lol, well if you're on the internet - which you must certainly must be! - then you know that time devouring monster website.

Well, every once and a while I'll glance at the ads... and every once and a while... well, I'll just let you see for yourself. (you might have to click on them to make the pictures big enough to read).

Ya. I don't know. The Dawson's Creek picture one (I think it's from Dawson's Creek?) cracks me up, and the other one... well WTF. I can't remember if I clicked on it - obviously if I can't remember it probably wasn't anything special... but I probably did click on it lol.

Happy Belated Birthday Triangle Dude

I forgot. I can't believe I forgot. I forgot Triangle Dude's Birthday!

Yes, can you believe it? It's actually been just over a year since I started this. I have to say any expectation I had was blown away and I wasn't even sure if I'd ever make it this far. Thanks to all my fans of course - whom without would make me a very sad panda.

And thanks to all those fans I can share some interesting stats (I think so at least!).

Since September 19, 2008 there has been...
-125,000 visits from 114,000 unique visitors for a total of 320,000 page views!
(at one point there was even 15,000 visits in one day, ONE DAY!)
-out of those 125,000 visits 10,000 people are returning visitors!
(that's 8%, and though that sounds small - IT IS HUGE)

And when you consider there are not even 200 comics yet... well... I'm happy! I'm ecstatic!

I won't bore you with anymore stats, but I will say thanks to everyone again! And happy belated birthday Triangle Dude! Here's some "See Triangle Dude," and "Night Outside".

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Newer Trailer


So there's a new "Where the Wild Things Are" trailer now.

Of course it's awesome - don't even think otherwise.

That is all, had to share!

More Conceptin'!

Well I've got a couple more drawings I've done for the Dominance War. I'm really enjoying pumping out these drawings and I think I'm getting better. :D

Anywho, we're still in concept phase and really have no idea what creature we want to push for the final project. I know if I did these over there would already be a bunch more detail I'd add in things I'd change, but for now - have a look!

I've got a gelatinous blob of sorts who is outfitted with gauntlets of sorts. He'd pummel his enemy to death and just consume whatever is left. He was pretty fun to draw and I should really make a more menacing version, but this one makes me smile lol. The Blob's pretty blank faced and really would only enjoy being a blob of sorts.

THEN... I've got this aquatic mutated whatchamacallit. With tentacle like mouth and a head full of feelers and sensors. There's one arm turned claw, and one wielding a crossbow capable of firing an anchor (I'm not sure if I'm too fond of the crossbow - I'd probably change it or do something different with that arm if I went further with this). One leg is a mechanical peg leg - pretty nifty lol.

Superman, Snake, and Fire Away

"Superman", "Snake", and "Fire Away" are the newest comics uploaded! Take a look see yes?

So far, I've been doing okay in being able to keep up with 2 comics a week while I do all this school stuff. So far... so good!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Dominance War is still a way way way off, but it's never too early to start drawing stuff! So here's some stuff I've been drawing lately.

Strangely enough I've been doing it all on the computer. Why is this strange? Well I almost never do this! I almost always start with an idea on paper, but I'm actually really happy and getting more comfortable doing it straight on the computer with a tablet. A sign of growth perhaps? I'll think yes and feel good about it. :D

Below we have a Nature Spirit who is kind of like a puppet master who controls the dead animals of a forest perhaps?
There's a robot who does I don't know what yet, but he's got guns and things on his back and I think his nose is like a turtles.

Then we have a Chaos Laboratory Experiment which has gone wrong with limbs and mouths and all sorts of stuff on it's body.
Crazed Swordsman with a thirst for power and "oneness" with his blade.

And lastly, a scorpion-ish robotic thing which prefers to go up into the mountains of surrounding battlefields, cling to the cliffs, and spot and pick off prey from very very far distances with it's ultra zoom lense and railgun.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Comics eh?

"Playing King", "Mermaid", "Bright Idea", "Lunch Pack", "Die Shop".

Yes... new comics... and a new slightly disappointing schedule - new comics every Tuesday and Friday.

"But David!" you exclaim, "that is one less comic a week!"
"Yes, your point is duly noted," I'll say and continue, "but there is a reason for this."

You see, I'm starting school this week. School basically means I have to sit somewhere other than at my computer, where I make comics, and learn for hours on end. So, unfortunately, I won't have time to do three comics a week and go to school as well.

Sorry to everyone out there, I really wish I could go the other way with this and do four comics a week, but it just isn't going to happen. Hopefully nobody out there says, "screw you David! I'm not reading your comic anymore," because that would be bad bad bad I say.

Thanks everyone who does keep coming back and enjoys looking at what I've managed to scribble into a comic each week - it does mean a lot!