Monday, July 26, 2010

Tau Dreadnought Update

So after some helpful critique and input I've changed it up a bit and I think it looks much better now! Arms got a little shorter, and most notably the chest actually looks decent now lol.

That is all...

Now the 3D printer just needs to be finished set up... come on!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tau XVX Crisis Dreadnought-Suit

SO. My school's getting a 3D printer! It's currently being put together and I'm hoping that I'm going to print out my new creation... the Tau XVX Crisis Dreadnought-Suit. Yes. It's a Tau Dreadnought. That's the basic concept.

Now the printer we're getting isn't as high tech as those $30,000 dollar ones, it's called Makerbot. As a result there are certain limitations when it came to my Tau Dreadnought design if I ever hope to print it out. The printer isn't super high-res, and it can only print vertical angles of 45 degrees. As a result I'm going to have to print this out in multiple pieces, which is okay, but I also had to make sure certain angles on the suit were at 45 degrees. I'm happy with the way it turned out though! :D

Loads of pictures below :D

The initial concept on the left, some studies on other crisis suit parts and what I wanted mine to look like, and finally, below, is a size comparison.

Click to see 'em bigger! :D

Here's some fluff and stats and what not (for those warhammer players out there):

Tau XVX Crisis Dreadnought-Suit

Once a veteran has proven themselves in a Broadside Battlesuit they may have the opportunity to wear the newly created XVX Crisis Dreadnought-Suit. While most suits in Tau development departments are becoming increasingly agile the Tau have not turned a blind eye to the much less mobile, yet heavily armed, XV88 Broadside Battlesuit systems.

Now, it seems two very different design philosophies are developing within the Tau R&D departments. The newly created XVX Suit has travelled down the less mobile design path. The past wars have seen great success with Railguns against heavily armored targets, and Infantry firepower has always had a dominant weapon on the battlefield. However, Tau have never had an answer to the heavily armored units which are left unscathed by Infantry firepower whilst simply being too innefficient for heavy weapons to pay attention to them. The XVX Crisis Dreadnought-Suit is the answer to this nagging problem within the Tau army.


Shas'ui: 90 Points, 3WS, 3BS, 6S, 5T, 3W, 2I, 2A, 8Ld, 2+Sv
Shas'vre: 105 Points, 3WS, 3BS, 6S, 5T, 4W, 2I, 2A, 9Ld, 2+Sv

Unit Type: Infantry

Equipment: The model is equipped with an XVX Crisis Dreadnought-Suit complete with Advanced Stabilization System. The suit may carry a Personal Crisis Ion Cannon (+15 points), an Airbursting Plasma Projector (+30 points), and Twin-Linked Missile Pods (+18 points).

Optional equipment upgrades include: Multi-Tracker, Targetting Array, Shield Generator, Blacksun Filter, Drone Controller, Stimulant Injector(special issue), Ejection System(special issue), and Failsafe Detonator(special issue) for their respective points costs indicated in the Tau Battlesuit Armoury.

Personal Crisis Ion Cannon
Range 48", Str 7, AP 3, Heavy 3

Airbursting Plasma Projector
Range 18", Str 6, AP 2, Rapid Fire, Large Blast Marker, No Cover Save

Special Rules: The Unit's Suit grants them the Acute Senses special rule. Independent Character, may not join other units.