Thursday, August 27, 2009

There's a Face on the Wall

Because it's fun... here's a poem I wrote up!

There's a face on the wall
"no no what are you doing"
There's a face on the wall
"turn around you are wrong"

Lips on the surface
eyes in my mind
of a wall
where I walk

There's a face on the wall
"think about it now"
There's a face on the wall
"can't you see can't you see?"

Nose on the surface
voices in my head
there's a wall
where I walk

There's a face on the wall
"listen to me man"
There's a face on the wall
"it's dangerous here"

Mouth on the surface
Imagination map
I can't see
wall where I walk.

So in case you don't get it... it's about a blind guy who is oblivious to the fact he keeps walking into another person. :D lol

Dominance War

So what's next in the art world? Well I have some new watercolors that I've been dieing to try out and mess around with for who knows what reason. There's also Dominance War to look forward to. That link will take you to last years champions... the oh so very impressive champions.

Dominance War is a giant game art contest competition where you basically have to create a 3D character. It gets bigger and bigger every year. This year, a friend and I will be adding to the constantly growing mass of entrants.

Anywho, people in the top 25 or so are practically instantly recognized by some huge companies. That's good news! Now we just have to get there. We can't start modeling until some time in March, but concept time is open open open!

I don't know if I'll put any up, maybe reject stuff lol, I really can't be revealing it before the big day, but I'll let you know... "I'm a up ta somtin."

Ghost and Fleshy

"Ghost and Fleshy" is the new comic up at Triangle Dude Comics. I kind of like the idea of a weird relationship between a ghost and a living triangle dude... perhaps these characters will be revisited. Yes... yes I like that idea.

Unnatural Vengeance

So... over a month later... IT IS FINALLY DONE! "Unnatural Vengeance" is done and done and over with and I'm not touching it anymore because it is done. The picture had been on hold for most of that last month while I worked on the Fairfire Group picture, but as soon as that was done I jumped back onto this beast.

It's about 18" wide by 12" high, Made with pencil, ink, and pencil crayons (my nice new soft Prismacolor super duper blendorama pencil crayons). There's a good 20 hours of work in it, maybe more, I didn't really keep track of it - but it took a good chunk of time.

Sooo... here it is! Have a gander at Mother Nature's revenge :)
Click on it for a larger version PLEASE, there's so much detail you just can't see in this thumbnail.

I want to make some prints up and maybe sell some on Etsy or to whoever... if I ever get around to it of course. Otherwise it'll just look pretty in my room.

Also, some boredom and picture-looking-at spawned this strange picture... which is... well think of it what you will. I just laugh at it. :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's David

I'm going away this weekend to the gloriously lovely island of the name "Whidbey Island" down in those crazy United States. It shall be fun! What does this mean for anyone who cares? Well it means Monday's Triangle Dude comic won't go up until a bit later that day.

Also, I'm going to be starting school soon! AGAIN! September 8th is the first day on my journey through the adventurous course of Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Dum Dum Dum! I'll be attending Kwantlen Polytechnic University and thank goodness all my classes are at the Cloverdale Campus - in my home town. NO COMMUTE! yes yes yes yes... yes. So good.

Going to school in Burnaby for a year and a half and then working for a few months there accumulated a total commute time approximately equal to three months... three whole months of my life gone - forever! And I get motion sickness if I try to read in any sort of transportation so I can't even have made it a productive waste of three months!

Anyway, time will be short in the coming months so that's bad news for Triangle Dude. Gotta go to school, gotta do homework, and gotta work because our society decided you need money for just about everything... which leaves poor poor Triangle Dude up on the chopping block. I won't let it be the end - I can't! But... unfortunately I'm suspecting that everyone can kiss 3 updates a week goodbye...

Fairfire Group Picture - As Far As I Know

It's been done for a little while now (I think ) and I totally have to show anyone who reads this blog of mine because I've shown you other pictures in it's development. Anyway, I'm not sure if they'll even end up using it now. They did like it, but who knows - whatever!

Even if they don't use the picture overall it was a good experience for me - forcing me to push myself. Faces and *gulp* caricatures have always sort of intimidated me so this was a challenge. I'm happy with the way it turned out, and I really was able to capture each of their faces in the drawing.

Couple o' New

There's a couple new Triangle Dude's up. "Wake Up Call" and "Solving Problems".

Also, a little bit about the future of Triangle Dude. I'm not certain as of yet, but it's looking like I'll have less and less time to do it in the future.

I'm going back to school which basically means goodbye to any free time and Triangle Dude. I don't want to stop the comic though! Sooo... we'll see. This can't be the end, but it will probably be the end of 3 updates a week - which I managed to do for almost about 9 months now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Triangle Dude Update

You can "Shoot for the Stars" with anything that isn't literally a device that shoots things.

If you can't do that... then "You Suck", but only in the context of actually sucking and slurping delicious treats.

Being a "Gravedigger" would be an interesting job - as long as you weren't infested in the head with zombie paranoia. Being so close to the zombies themselves also probably ensures an almost immediate attack when the apocalypse comes. You've been warned.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Polyvinyl CD's

Polyvinyl sent me my CD's not too long ago and I've finally got them. Holy smokes there's a ton of 'em. I've finally listened to it all too. Most of it I had never heard of before, and while I didn't like everything there was definitely some stuff I was pleasantly surprised with!

You see, Polyvinyl had to get rid of their stock and also raise money to keep stock in the warehouse. Enter Kickstarter. I donated some money because 1. Polyvinyl is awesome and is where of Montreal and Archicture in Helsinki is at, and 2. because they were giving away loads of stuff! The donation period is over, and I'm happy to say they raised more than enough money!

Here's a list, I put a star (*) beside my favorites :D

31Knots “Curse of the Longest Day” CD *
Aloha “Some Echoes” CD *
AM/FM “Getting Into Sinking” CD *
AM/FM “Mutilate Us” CD
AM/FM “The Sky Is the New Ground” CD
Architecture in Helsinki "Places Like This" CD *
Audible “Sky Signal” CD
Collections of Colonies of Bees “Customer” CD
Decibully “City of Festivals” CD
Friction (ex-Braid) “Discography 1991-1994” 2xCD
Hail Social "Hail Social" CD
Joan of Arc “Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain” CD *
Joan of Arc “The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc” CD *
Kyle Fischer/Mike Kinsella/Caithlin DeMarrais "Open Ground" CD
Mates of State "Two of Us" DVD *
of Montreal "Icons Abstract Thee" CD *
of Montreal “The Early Four Track Recordings” CD *
Paris Texas “Action Fans Help Us!” CD
Pele “Elephant” CD
Picastro “Metal Cares” CD
Rainer Maria "Long Knives Drawn" CD
Rainer Maria “Anyone in Love with You (Already Knows)” CD+DVD
Rainer Maria “Ears Ring” CD *
Rainer Maria “Rainer Maria” CD
Saturday Looks Good to Me “Cold Colors” CD *
ZZZZ “Palm Reader” CD *

Fairfire Group Drawing

Sigh, this has taken me so much longer than I wanted it to. It's almost done though. I can't wait, and I'm really happy with how it looks so far. Once this is done... whew! I'll have much more time to play my Little King's Story game :D Just got to color this up and finish the re-stylized logo. Anyway, here it is so far!

FF8, Little King's Story, and Swords & Soldiers

Vidja games. Sweet sweet Vidja games. I've actually had some time lately to play some o' those sweet sweet video games. Usually, I opt to do more productive draining exhausting things instead - but those video games are a callin' :P

I FINALLY BEAT FF8. Okay, what's the big deal you ask? Well... I bought this game maybe... 7 or 8 years ago for the PC. I was young and what have you - and anyone who knows this game knows that the junctioning system is not something you can easily teach to a kid. Well I didn't quite get it the first few times... Anyway, finally, after starting about 6 different games I managed to finally beat it and can put this one away without ever wondering what the end would have been like ever again!

Swords & Soldiers. A new game for the Wii available through the WiiWare store section. It's a 2D Sidescroller RTS - sweet. It's really easy to pick up and play and get into, highly addictive, and has a great sense of humor. There's three races to choose from and each has their own single player campaign. The game doesn't take an extensive time to beat or anything, but has other challenges and achievements to keep you busy. For $10 it's totally a must buy for the Wii.

Little King's Story. I just got this for my birthday (thanks Mom!). Yes, yes, yes it's "cutesy," that doesn't matter in the least because it's an awesome game. I haven't spent a ton of time with it yet (but will soon!), but it's already a lot of fun. For some reason this picture has a 7+ rating on it... I don't know where in the world that is because mine has the ESRB rating for T or "teen" on it. Oh well!

TDComics That are Newer Than You

Four new Triangle Dude comics to tell you about now! There's...

"Mouth Wash" is all about getting your mouth all sparkly soapy gross gross clean.

"Magic Fish" don't really grant wishes because they all turn out to be something completely else anyway.

"Underwear" doesn't go on your head on opposite day.

"Don't Litter" or else I will hunt you down with some sort of means I am yet to invent. Threatening eh?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fairfire Art

I haven't really had a chance to finish my Unnatural Vengeance picture because I've been working on some other artwork. Fairfire asked me to do some new artwork for them to put on their MySpace. Some Caricature/Cartoony type versions of each person in the band!

I'm excited. I think things are going to look really good. This is just a rough first sketch of each person in the band. Left to right they are: Ryan, Jeff, Christian, Mike, and Curtis.

There's still a chunk of work to do for them, but once I'm done it'll be straight back to Unnatural Vengeance. Also, I got some watercolor paints and I'm itching to use them! First things first though.

Treasure Trail, and Foot Rub

There's the new "Treasure Trail" and "Foot Rub" comics up on Triangle Dude Comics. They include confused pirates... and the Pope!

Foot Rub is comic #170 wow... It seems like just the other day I was making comic #100. I thought that many was amazing, but I'm getting closer and closer to doubling it!

I'll admit it hasn't always been easy. In fact it's sometimes downright difficult to come up with comic ideas. Sometimes I don't quite execute the comic quite right in the translation from head to mind... ya, it gets tough.

I think I've come a long way though. It's great looking back and seeing how far this has progressed. Here's to hoping it keeps on going and my brain continues to spew forth something mildly hilarious in the times to come!