Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So Christmas was pretty wicked, I got stuff, and gave stuff, and have been overloaded with an insane amount of sugar.

I got Muramasa, and A boy and his Blob, and The New Super Mario Bros., and Scribblenauts, and Zelda Spirit Tracks. Wow, ya, I have my work cut out for me :D

Plus I'm still pushing along in Pokemon Platinum and got other games to beat, and art projects to do and oh boy. There's basically 2 real days of my holiday left before work kicks in and school starts again.

Why is it called a holiday when I really only had 4 days off? It's more like a long weekend. Whatever - that's life!

Happy new year everyone!

Dice Gods

So, I can finally show you guys this because... It's after Christmas! And it is no longer a secret as I have given it away.

I spent a good deal of time working on this, pushing back any other projects, and really, there's nothing I would have rather done because this came out fabulously!

Basically, me and my friends play this game, okay you all know what it is, it's Warhammer. Anyway, whenever we play we can honestly say that the Dice Gods are on my friend's side. This picture, shows just that.
(click on it for BIG-er-ness)

So if you couldn't guess it, my friend is the one with the giant wings killing everyone okay?

CHRISTMAS IS oooveerrrr....

Well I guess Santa did get around to delivering all those presents.

And now, Christmas is gone and gone and we're nearing the 2 year count down to the end of the world as we know it. Poppycock I say, some people need a good smack to the face with a slippery pickle... or something like that.

Those Mayans were pretty smart though... hopefully a little crazy too.

So, Who wants to go launch Superman at stuff?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cards for all!


So I made some Christmas cards for everyone to enjoy! yeah! Triangle Dude may invade your holidays... if you choose it to be so.

Just click on the card below, print it off, and fold it up! It's one of those 2-fold, 4-Panel kind of cards. The bottom right is the front of the card. The rest should be figure-out-able.

You could also color them... OoOOooOo :D, and there's SIX different ones!

Evil Evil Santa

It's almost Christmas and I'm all done my Shopping! Whew. The malls are a crazy zoo of crazy people who are trampling their mall zoo keepers to death even.

Also, Santa is evil, at least this is a theory of mine. He's way cool and awesome and I hope I'm on his good list, but I'm sure he's hiding something... way up there in the frigid barren nothing land of snow and ice.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Crunch

The Christmas crunch is upon me!

So, alas, no Triangle Dude Comics this week :(

School's almost done, shopping's almost done, crazy chaotic work is hopefully almost done, and all this is making me feel very "done."

I'm exhausted! I need a break!... again, kind of...
Be upset if you must, but I shall be resting these eyes, hands, and my poor old brain.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Anyone ever play Roller Coaster Tycoon? Of course you did - and I recently had an urge to play it. Now I have story for you which involves the before mentioned game. Aqua Park, yes Aqua Park... oh Aqua Park and your dang Water Slide that comes with the park when you start. Eventually this ride has a tendency to fail utterly resulting in a repeating incident where 2 people will die.

Whatever, my park was all like, super duper, and people dieing didn't matter much anymore - so I renamed the water slide "This ride did not kill 2 people" and lowered the price to 50 cents. No one was the wiser as they all began to think "Water Slide 1 is really good value" instead of the whole it's not safe thing. Well everytime people die now I get this message in the picture above :D

Snow Monster

I have fooled you. There is no Snow Monster... BUT, there is a "Tree Monster" and some more "Snow" up at Triangle Dude Comics.

School semester is almost out as well... AND I CAN'T WAIT! WOOT! I hope it snows so freakin' much and that I will be able to dig a tunnel through it to my friends house. There will be secret snow forts and snow wars and tunnels of adventure.