Friday, February 27, 2009

When Dinosaurs Walk

Dinosaurs. Were they placed here as a test of our faith by god? Science indicates-no. Science also says that...

"The "color" of quarks and gluons is completely unrelated to visual perception of color; rather, it is a whimsical name for a property which has almost no manifestation at distances above the size of an atomic nucleus." (Color Charge).

Thanks wikipedia for blowing my mind. Scientists - I salute you. May you never stop making me feel like I really absolutely don't know about a whole lot of stuff. :D

Anyways, until they backwards engineer that chicken into a fully grown man-made dinosaur you'll have to live with some dinosaurs in Triangle Dude. Check out what happens "When Dinosaurs Walk".

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Young Machetes

So I've been drawing up some art for another local band! Yes, previously known as Faithless Future they are now "Young Machetes". Totally check out their music.

They're kind of like folk rock, hardcore, and punk.
From their MySpace -
Influences: Teen pregnancy, the clap, a nice pair of speakers, anything broccoli + cheddar, phone books, binge drinking, people who are not midgets, and Dirty Dave Alliston

Sounds Like: Breastfeeding angels

This is most excellent. Anyways, check out the piece I did for em! And check out their music - here it is again. "Young Machetes".

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Bah! Seagulls! It's so crazy, but a couple times when I went for a run in the morning there was a giant swarm of seagulls at the park. I'll have to get a picture next time. They all get up and move to a new location in the park at the same time too. Plus... there's seagull vs. crow fights. It's crazy lol

Anyways, there's something up with some seagulls and some hair in Triangle Dude's new comic called... you guessed it... "Seagulls".

I want to say that seagulls are like the fish of the sky... but I really have no idea what that means. Maybe it's that I associate seagulls with the sea... but they fly above the sea... and in the sea are the fish... ya, ya, something like that lol.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, we ended up a man down at the LAN party - so we only had 4 people. That's a good even number though. We played Starcraft, Age of Empires 2, Dawn of War, and Unreal Tournament.

I couldn't get there until about quarter after 5, but we had lots of time for fun until 2:30-ish the next morning.

Anyways, I got some screenshots. SCREENSHOTS! :D I forgot to get some of Unreal and Starcraft ones so you'll just have to enjoy the DoW and AOE2 screens.

My wall... I wanted a giant funnel, but the game doesn't let you make vertical gates right beside eachother... then you can see the mass of War Elephants being all evil like...

Pretty much anything thrown against the War Elephant... dies. And there was more than just that one lol.

Good ole' Dawn of War. Us 4 against 4 computers - it was a good battle.

Sound Effects

Zoom, Zip, Zap-a-dap - shreeeeeeem shra shroom a gry gry gry... KABLOOIE! SHREARRrrrrrr.... Grk...

Haha, making noises is fun! Anyways, Triangle Dude thinks it's pretty fun too - as
you will be able to see from the new comic up today called "Sound Effects".

Also, this comic (slightly altered and made improved!) is also available on some products over at Shop Vorgus. Check out the designs for "Sound Effects" at Shop Vorgus. Amazingly, to my surprise, the mug with this design on it actually won a "Today's Best" award. This makes David happy :D

Here's a look at the design... which is essentially the same as the link to the comic at the top...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Batman's Hourly Comics

Batman's been writing hourly comics...

What are hourly comics? A lot of people do it actually and I'm thinking I should get in on some of the action one of these days - basically, hourly comics is when you write a panel or two for each hour of a day. It's a big event that happens at a certain time during the year, but I think if you really wanted to you could do it whenever I guess.

Today I came across a link to Batman's hourly comics. It is quite amazing. :D Just click the picture to see them all!


So, I finally got a job. Not an art job - just a "make-some-money" kind of job. I'm, as my brother would call it, a "culinary custodian." A.K.A - dishwasher :P

I'm planning to go back to school for Drafting, but the prerequisite courses I need won't be starting until this Fall... That's a ways away. So in the mean time I definitely needed a job.

There's no way I'm stopping artwork though! I'm still doing some artwork for a few local bands and have no plans of stopping Triangle Dude Comics. The job is mainly a weekend job so I'm pretty sure I won't have a problem keeping up the comics 3 times a week and making designs.

Anyways, that's enough about me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Starcraft Mapping

Oh yes, this coming Saturday me and some friends will be gathering the computers into a single room all for the purpose of gaming. LAN. This week we should be getting 5 people together which is much more than we usually have. Let the fun begin.

With this abnormally numbered group me and my friends have been making some new 5 player maps. We usually play Starcraft, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, and Unreal Tournament. We have a good chunk of time to play games so who knows what else might get played.

Anyways, I've been working on a new 5 player Starcraft map. Hopefully it turns out well. I really wish there was some way to block air units from going into certain areas. I know you can do this in Warcraft 3, but I guess for now I just have to live with it. The problem is having a huge air force attack you from the back of your base... I guess it can happen in any map, but I'd rather not have it in this map. Oh well, it should still be fun. Here it is!

The lighter color is raised ground and the circles are resource locations - players start on the outer squares of the pentagon. It's really basic, but with five people running around the center it should be fun :P

Monday, February 16, 2009

Music of 2008

So I found this cool little site that visualizes a person's listening habits/history. It basically constructs a detailed (and pretty!) graph of the user.

Now, to use it you need an account on This is because... well... you can't create a graph if you don't have any data! With, every song you listen to gets "Scrobbled" and becomes a useable piece of data for the pretty graph we'll be making.

Once you've got some data you're ready for making graphs! Booyeah! The website that makes the graphs is called "LastGraph" and making it couldn't be easier. Just enter your username at the top and hit the "enter/return" key. The site will then go and fetch your important data!

After it loads there is a few options, but to make a graph click on the "Timeline Posters" button. Here you can set your start and end dates, how detailed you want it, and the graphs style. When you're ready hit the "Request Poster" button on the right.

That's pretty much it! Depending on how much data you have it could take a while to create your graph. I'm not sure how long it took to make mine - I left it on overnight. When it is done you can download it in either PDF or SVGZ formats.

Here's a picture of my Music Listening Habits for 2008! :D

(Click on it for a slightly more detailed view :P I know it's hard to see some details but that's only because it was uploaded to Picasa - the one you make is much more detailed.)

We Made It

Well, we made it to 100 comics. Triangle Dude now has 100 comics. Now, this isn't a ton, but it's the first milestone.

It's kind of neat to see how he's progressed too. If you go to the very first comic in the archive and go all the way through you'll notice certain periods where the style suddenly makes a change. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it is not.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who keeps coming by and reading the comics! Without you guys I'd just have to laugh at them by myself. As appealing as that sounds it's so much better to share!

So here's the 100th comic, "We Made It."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Discoveries in Music

Random Youtube linking can yield some interesting finds - it also tends to be one of my ways of discovering new music through the amazingness of music videos.

While watching "The Blood Brothers" music video for "Set Fire to the Face on Fire" (the buildings on fire make me smile every time) I ended up following links to some bands I had never heard of before, and to my delight I thoroughly enjoyed each of them!

First there's "Peter Bjorn and John" which got me into a great mood with their music video for "Young Folks" which reminds me of some comic book or illustration. Also, check out "Amsterdam," (the video is actually from Planet Earth: Jungles - very vool) and "Lay it Down," they're excellent.

Then I ended up linking to a band called "Los Campesinos!" and I'm hooked. The music is great and the music videos for "We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives," and "You! Me! Dancing!" are awesome. The little colorful warring people make war seem almost child like, but it's still fairly serious stuff.

Last but not least, is "Vampire Weekend." I was instantly pulled in by their video for "A-Punk" which is like a sped up version but in real time... I don't know how to explain it lol. Another great music video is "Oxford Comma."

Anyways, now I got some new great tunes to chill to. W00T! They're definitely worth a look!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Triangle Dude's ship is sinking! Oh my gosh! What is one to do?
There's always the option of evacuation, but that just seems like a lot of work...
I think Triangle Dude has the right idea in the newest comic "Sinking".

Also! This is comic #99


I can't believe it, well, okay yes I can, but still wow! That means next Monday is #100. Thanks to everyone who keeps stopping by, and here's to another 100 :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Life

So for a while now I've been thinking about starting a comic series about my life. Get "real" and "personal" and such. Kind of touch on my ideas, thoughts, and memories. Show the good times and the bad.

I don't know if anyone would want to look at it, but I think I'll do it one day. I know I enjoy reading comics about peoples lives and life and real situations and stuff. Somehow I stumbled across this one by Finkenstein on LiveJournal.

It's called "A Time Traveler Memoir". I can't get enough of it - I love it - it inspires me. "A Time Traveler Memoir" features her current or future self going back in time to different points in her life trying to change things. I've really enjoyed it so far and can't wait to read more - check it out!

Anyways, I started doing little doodles to figure out what kind of style I'd want to draw mine in...
I don't know if this will be it, but I liked it... here it is! :D

Hide And Seek

While I was away in the States, or more specifically Washington State, on Whidbey Island I played an excellent and very youthful game of tag and hide and seek!

A small group of us went to a park called "Castle Park," and boy does it ever live up to its name. THE best park EVER! I wish I could explain it better or show pictures, but I'll try to do my best with words. It was an old wooden playground with towers, and bridges, and tires, and swings, and monkey bars, and just about everything.

Anyways, we played a game of hide and seek at like 9:00 PM in the dark and it was a blast.

This adventure and the weird day dreams I had back home prompted the creation of today's Triangle Dude Comic. Ya... you just gotta see it. Check out "Hide and Seek."

Breathe In Radio

I was gone away to a land called America last week! I did have tons of fun and also got to be a guest on an awesome internet radio talk show called Breathe In Radio. The show is hosted by the incredible Julie Keegan and Beverly Graham! Although, Beverly was also abroad and I didn't get the chance to meet her. Instead, I was on the show with Julie and Chef Patti!

I had a great time and got to talk about my artwork and Triangle Dude! You can check out my interview and the rest of the show right here. I'm on Show 28 - February 1st! (David Gray :P)

For just a little more information about Breathe In Radio... this is off their website which is quoted from the South Whidbey Record:

"Listeners can expect a community-based radio show that is interactive and tries to inform, entertain and make listeners feel good about life."
"The show will air for two hours and will feature guests from around the community; alternative health practitioners, artists, merchants, authors and interesting characters."

Checks it out! :D

Fairfire Artwork

So it's been a little while... not too long a while, but a little wee itty bitty while since I've been on here. Some exciting things have happened!

I've been making art for the most amazing band Fairfire. It's for their upcoming EP called "Mourning-after Pill." VERY good music. They already have one EP out called "Monster" which is actually available on iTunes and a whole variety of other sites for purchase and download! (I did the artwork on the back for their first EP as well :D).

Their MySpace again:
Their Website:

Here's a little taste of one of the character artworks for their new CD... The EP's not out yet so this may not be 100% final, but here ya go! For the song "Burning Clowns"...