Sunday, June 24, 2012

Revisiting Civilization 3

After reading about the ten year Civilization 2 game a Reddit has been playing I instantly wanted to play too! I don't have Civilization 2 however, but have the 3rd installment in the series instead. It's still super fun.

Civilization 3 has a set turn limit, which I suspect is different from Civilization 2, because the Reddit user was well into the 4th millennium, nearly the year 4000. I really wish Civilization 3 didn't have this limit, but, oh well. It's all I got. I had just managed to get Modern Armor before satisfying one of the other victory conditions I had set (control over 66% of the world). My conquest was not complete! But alas, it was over and that's okay. Here's some screenshots though!

My first city was named Vorgus. Then we got Superfly and the illustrious Timbertown. Timbertown was settled in some forests, thus the name. The Germans were above me. After I declined their offer for me to give them the Alphabet, and after they declared war on me, I proceeded to liberate their cities from their crazy leaders.

To the south I named my cities Cowtown (there were cows) and Badgerville (furs I believe). Coastcrazies and Hippie were both very happy cities during my reign.

Here I am taking out the rest of the Arab nation. Their army of 40 Medieval Infantry and 20 Riflemen were no match for my 30 TOW Infantry. It was frightening to see their numbers at first, but they crumbled to my might. MUHAHAHAHA
Wow, that game really took that long to play! This was on a super small map too. That's 8 hours I could have been playing Diablo III. But so worth it. 
My power can not be denied! BAHAHAHA HA.