Monday, April 26, 2010

Triangle Dude eduD elgnairT

This one's been up for a while, The New Janitors, but there is something new up, finally, I know, give me a slap upside the head. Welcome back Triangle Dude and his trusty sidekick Dr. Wurm as they Foil Another Plan of Monkey Head's.

Is it done yet?

Does anyone remember my first post about Tactics David? Well, guess what... over 3 months later I'm finally done the next iteration. Version 3.0, new and improved. Check out the book here, Tactics David 2010 V3.0. It's 65 pages of awesome, at least I think so.

Included is the 25 page rule book and the 40 page unit and item book.
So far there's 202 Units, and I've got more ideas... why must have I so many?

This book is pretty... "plain" at the moment though, no fancy artsy pizazz or pictures. Also, even though the book is done, the playing pieces are not. But the foundation work is finally all laid out. Time to... take... a break...

Tactics David V3.1

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Music Ninja

So here's a sweet site I just kind of came across somehow through the random clicking and blindless following of links on various pages, The Music Ninja. I like the name, its got music... AND a ninja.

It led me to the Axis of Awesome, and there's a great song by a band called Tunng. Tunng - an electronic folk band... Radical! It's on the front page somewhere if anyone bothers to do a little scrolling, it be called "Bullets." Or check it out on Youtube Here!

What's all this then?

Nothing this week for Triangle Dude, working on some other stuff at the moment. Next week for certain new comics will explode onto your eyeballs. It will really be, how they say, fantastic... I suppose.

Monday, April 12, 2010


TCG: Trading Card Games. They're addictive. If you have friends willing to play them with you... they become more addictive.

So what kind of Trading Card Games am I talking about? How about some Yugioh. Want some more? Here's some Chaotic. Had enough? I thought not... Pokemon ought to do it. Nope? Magic The Gathering. There. Is that enough? Well, that's good for now.

I currently have cards for all of these and really only know how to play one of them well. Hopefully, if all goes well, I shall learn them all!

Is this a new level of nerdiness? Perhaps, but I'll argue that it is merely another plane of nerdiness on the same level I was at before. Also, how else can I make a kicking awesome Triangle Dude Card Game or any other sweet game if I don't do a little... research... first.

Winamp Scrobbling God

I've always had Winamp installed on my computer, but I've never used it all that much. I've mainly used Windows Media Player to play my music and watch my videos, then, because I have to, I use ITunes to get my music onto my Ipod Nano.

Winamp was only ever there because with a couple snazzy plugins I could play certain video game music files - Super Nintendo, GBA, DS, NES, you name it, I'm pretty sure there's a plugin for it. Check out Zophar's Domain for the necessary plugins and some sweet download-able music from video games!

*On a Side Note* Winamp also has the capability of taking those video game music files (.spc, .gsf, .usf, etc.) and outputting them into a .wav file. Then, using a simple .wav to .mp3 audio converter I can put convert them and listen to them on my Ipod :D

*Back on Track*
So, okay, I finally had it with ITunes. It doesn't have any sort of built in Library updating thing. Any new tracks have to be manually added to it. That's a pain. There's some utilities out there, but ITunes just doesn't do it... Secondly, ITunes wouldn't play some of my .mp3's that played absolutely fine in Windows Media Player. Well that's the last straw...

A quick google search later and I discover that Winamp has Ipod managing capabilities. YES! Goodbye Itunes. Winamp has it built in, but using the plugins ml_ipod and audioscrobbler it can even scrobble my tracks to :D Very happy.

Winamp also plays .flac files, unlike Windows Media Player, and it can even dock itself into the system icon tray, leaving me some extra space on the taskbar.

Now, Winamp isn't perfect, but it's pretty dang close. It doesn't list the total file size of a Playlist so I'm not sure if it will fit on my Ipod Nano, not as big a deal for people with large Ipods. Then, when using ml_ipod and audioscrobbler plugins the currently playing song isn't listed in the client, but I can live with that.

Also, because I'm not going to spend money to buy Winamp Pro Version I can't Rip CD's to .mp3 format... I'll still have to use Windows Media Player for that. Ah well.

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

YES. 5th Generation of Pokemon is HERE! Well, they're on their way. Pokemon Black and White have been confirmed and I believe the Japanese release date is around October, not sure how close the North American release date will be, but it's never too early to start... TRAINING! Training to become the Pokemon master.

This is Zoroark, one of the new 5th Gen. Pokemon. It's a whole new world folks :D Here's some more Info.

Playing Cards

Recently, I've been playing a lot of Cards, but none of those 52 deck ace, club, spade, and hearts kind of cards. More exciting kinds, kinds I will mention in another post because... well because first I also have to say hello to King Arthur. Hello.

So wouldn't a card game based on all the Triangle Dude characters be awesome? Also, if I ever get the time, a Triangle Dude version of Clue complete with murderous cats would be fantastic.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

I really don't know, I just don't know what to say. Something about marshmallows. Gooey and puffy and good for roasting. Apparently good for chucking at people too.

Also, Happy Easter! I've done my part to destroy the chocolate egg species, I hope you're doing yours.