Monday, April 12, 2010


TCG: Trading Card Games. They're addictive. If you have friends willing to play them with you... they become more addictive.

So what kind of Trading Card Games am I talking about? How about some Yugioh. Want some more? Here's some Chaotic. Had enough? I thought not... Pokemon ought to do it. Nope? Magic The Gathering. There. Is that enough? Well, that's good for now.

I currently have cards for all of these and really only know how to play one of them well. Hopefully, if all goes well, I shall learn them all!

Is this a new level of nerdiness? Perhaps, but I'll argue that it is merely another plane of nerdiness on the same level I was at before. Also, how else can I make a kicking awesome Triangle Dude Card Game or any other sweet game if I don't do a little... research... first.

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