Monday, April 12, 2010

Winamp Scrobbling God

I've always had Winamp installed on my computer, but I've never used it all that much. I've mainly used Windows Media Player to play my music and watch my videos, then, because I have to, I use ITunes to get my music onto my Ipod Nano.

Winamp was only ever there because with a couple snazzy plugins I could play certain video game music files - Super Nintendo, GBA, DS, NES, you name it, I'm pretty sure there's a plugin for it. Check out Zophar's Domain for the necessary plugins and some sweet download-able music from video games!

*On a Side Note* Winamp also has the capability of taking those video game music files (.spc, .gsf, .usf, etc.) and outputting them into a .wav file. Then, using a simple .wav to .mp3 audio converter I can put convert them and listen to them on my Ipod :D

*Back on Track*
So, okay, I finally had it with ITunes. It doesn't have any sort of built in Library updating thing. Any new tracks have to be manually added to it. That's a pain. There's some utilities out there, but ITunes just doesn't do it... Secondly, ITunes wouldn't play some of my .mp3's that played absolutely fine in Windows Media Player. Well that's the last straw...

A quick google search later and I discover that Winamp has Ipod managing capabilities. YES! Goodbye Itunes. Winamp has it built in, but using the plugins ml_ipod and audioscrobbler it can even scrobble my tracks to :D Very happy.

Winamp also plays .flac files, unlike Windows Media Player, and it can even dock itself into the system icon tray, leaving me some extra space on the taskbar.

Now, Winamp isn't perfect, but it's pretty dang close. It doesn't list the total file size of a Playlist so I'm not sure if it will fit on my Ipod Nano, not as big a deal for people with large Ipods. Then, when using ml_ipod and audioscrobbler plugins the currently playing song isn't listed in the client, but I can live with that.

Also, because I'm not going to spend money to buy Winamp Pro Version I can't Rip CD's to .mp3 format... I'll still have to use Windows Media Player for that. Ah well.

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