Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Suprise Shark Attack!

Okay, so I doodled this the other day - and I thought I'd share.

It is the most surprise-ee-ist of surprise shark attacks. A shark attack from inside of you. Yes, nobody suspects it. It reminds me of spontaneous combustion where all of a sudden you're just like, "oh... well. I'm on fire now. This really hurts."

Of course you don't really say that when you spontaneously combust you more or less just scream and pass out from the smoke. Well, even more unfortunate is that you would never even get a chance to scream from this surprise shark attack.

Who knows. Maybe I'll make a pretty, cool, awesome, colorful version of this. If I'm not too lazy and not too busy of course :D

Lightning, Rapunzel, and Quicksand

"Lightning," "Rapunzel," and "Quicksand" are the new comics up on Triangle Dude.

I really have no idea how these ideas come to my head. Can you see the flow, or pattern, or any particular logic in how I got from lightning to Rapunzel to quicksand? Honestly, I have no clue - but it really is quite awesome. Either my mind is some sort of genius or some sort of disastrously wired piece of equipment.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Triangle Dude is a Prism

Triangle Dude, being all triangle and such, makes a perfect prism! He has the power! The power to split light into an array of colors... or perhaps take all those colors and create a blinding white light instead! Either way he is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, color blind people are immune to his dastardly light manipulating ways.

What a most amazing ability though. High school science teachers will be out hunting for Triangle Dudes if they get wind of this.

"Triangle Dude is a Prism"

He has the power, and I have the power to put this design up on Shop Vorgus. Enjoy Prism Power!

Rain Dance

There was supposed to be RAIN! The heat... it's melting me... meeeeeeelting meeeee.....

I don't know if this will help, but here's a little "Rain Dance" for ya.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Gah. It's time for all the flies to wander into the house again. It seems like there's always one lone "Fly" that manages to get into my room... and is unable to get OUT! GAH!

The sound is so annoying and I hate having any food around when there's a fly in the room - you just know he's gonna come and land on it...

Anywho, I made a comic to illustrate my frustration. And how flies are gross - ewww...

War Bear and Commander Crab

Totally awesome. So how about a bear... and a crab... teamed up together. War Bear he would be called, and his accompanying partner Commander Crab. War Bear also carries a rocket launcher loaded with a "Crab Missile." Now... I don't know what that is, but I like the sound of it and I'm sure it would mess you up good regardless.

The goggles just top it off too. I love a bear in goggles. Heck, anything wearing those kind of old goggles just looks hardcore.

So here they are. I managed to scan it in a couple different stages just for fun. Eventually I want to outline this beast on the computer and make it look all awesome with colors! and such. :D


Oh my gosh... it is so so so hot out. I'm am literally basting in my sweat as I sit here and type this out. The worst part is there is almost no way to escape it. Sure there are ways to cool off, but for the most part it is all fleeting moments of coolness. The AIR itself is hot and you know the thing about air is that it is everywhere!

Anyways, on a day like today I like to grab an "Icecube" and put it down my pants - haha, no! That is a little extreme! See, the heat is making me even crazier...

Monday, June 1, 2009


"Summer" is here! June 1st. It is now official. Say hello to sunshine and water and heat and sweat and being cooked alive. It's going to be great.

Today's comic is also available in Shop Vorgus on a Poster and a Mouse Pad. Check out the new summer items at Shop Vorgus.

Here's the comic/poster design for your viewing pleasure. Once again, ignore the water mark on this image :P

Be sure to check out the Downloads page at Triangle Dude Comics as well. This is now totally available as a wallpaper for your desktop!