Saturday, November 29, 2014

Space Santa

This year I've decided to make some Christmas cards for friends and use the real live actual mail system to deliver them! It's fun to get mail! I have a sneaking suspicion it's double the fun to get real mail around Christmas and triple the fun if it has a Triangle Dude inside. I'll remember to post the full version of the card a little while after I've mailed them out - no spoilers! Here is one spoiler though. Space Santa!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Wow. I'm almost intimidated by the amount of content in the new Super Smash Bros. games. It's bursting at the seams! I had picked up the 3DS version a little while back and was instantly satisfied with how nicely it looked and controlled on a portable system. Between the 3DS version and the Wii U version I'll be busy collecting trophy's, setting high scores, beating game modes, and battling others. I can't forget to smash with others!

I also finally grabbed a Wii U Pro controller to go along with my Smash Bros. purchase. It's pretty darn heavenly. The way it feels in my hands is enough to make me stop this train of thought. The controller is light and doesn't feel too bulky in my hands - all the buttons are easy to reach. It has that glossy finish which looks nice for all of 5 seconds until you hold it, but I'll be too busy looking at the screen anyway. A fully charged battery lasts up to 80 hours! It charges via a USB port (a Wii U USB port is recommended specifically) and only when the system is on - which is kind of weird. However, the charge lasts so long it's not a deal-breaker.

Oh Nintendo - I was on the fence with amiibo's, but got one anyway. They're only $13 and look nice regardless of whether they get used so I picked one up. Peach! I'm so glad I did. It works really well with the Wii U and it's almost addictive training my little Peach figurine and leveling it up. I wasn't completely sure which one to get, but out of all the ones released at the moment I feel like I'm best with Peach as a fighter in the game. I nicknamed her Peaches and began training - 1v1 me and her, or 2v2 teaming up against randoms. She is definitely learning my play style and is getting tougher and tougher. So much fun! I'm definitely going to get another one, but I think I'll wait until the next release of characters.

For the most part I'm rolling with Peach, but some of my other favourite characters to play as are Dr. Mario, Olimar, King Dedede, and Diddy Kong. I'm hoping to get better with Greninja, Bowser Jr., Palutena, Shulk, Robin, and Rosalina and Luma. There's so many characters! The mii fighters are fun too! Once I play some more locally and beat some game modes I'll head online more. Watch out for Vorgus!

Game of Thrones Exhibit

This is a little late. I went to the Game of Thrones Exhibit on August 23rd. You're fully encouraged to take photos as you walk around. It took over an hour and a half to get through the line and the sun was beating down on us hard that day. Yes, I got a sunburn. Once you managed to get inside though it was really neat!

They had lots of props and costumes from the show and a couple of replicas and backups because the actual costume was being used somewhere at the moment. The Danaerys dress isn't the real one because it was being used and filmed somewhere in the world. I got a pretty good haul of photos and some nice close-ups of some of the details for future drawing reference ;)

Here's a few of the photos from the excellent exhibit!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


It's been quite some time. Seems every time I get around to making a new Triangle Dude or writing a new post I'm saying how long it's been since the last one. Life gets busy.

As you may have noticed - things look slightly different around here. It's going to keep getting different in the near future and hopefully I'll revitalize this blog. I'd like to blog more about my artwork, about video games, about interesting things in general, and of course, Triangle Dude. GASP! There are a couple of comics in the making (they have been for a while) and I'm hoping I'll get to an update some time before the new year.

Also, here's a picture of mine and my girlfriend's Halloween jack-o-lanterns. I did the great elder god Cthulhu and she did a minion from Despicable Me!

In the mean time I'll share some of the sketches and doodles I've been making this past year. Plenty of what I've been doing could be called educational - strengthening skills and deepening knowledge. I started keeping a record of it and posting my progress at Check out my online sketchbook at Sketchbook Vorgus. Warning - it's extremely image heavy and possibly features some NSFW life drawing.