Monday, January 25, 2010

Well I've Given Up

Well, that's it. It's time to pull out some kind of super "Snow Dance" because I don't think we're getting any at all this year.

What? What's that you say? "David, you're still thinking about snow? Wasn't that like, a month ago," and well yes, you'd be right, but that's how long I've been hoping for it.

Maybe the Olympics will bring some snow... haha, it better, or we're not going to have a very good winter Olympics. Can't wait for FREE, yes FREE, concerts at the Surrey Celebration Site. Check out the 2010 Olympic Surrey Celebration Site Schedule. Excited. Yes.

Oh, yes, there's another comic as well, I guess I'll link you guys because I do stuff like that. "Going Up 1".

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tactics David

So what the heck is Tactics David? Well it just happens to be a game I made up way long ago when I was young and had plenty of time to do whatever.

The Original Tactics David was created in 2003, was only played once, and was ended abruptly as a quick movement of air sent little paper pieces all over. I still have all the pieces... Have a look...

There's the game box, a shoe box with some tape on it. Very fancy. And beside it is the mass amount of pieces that all play a part in this game. A grid board, terrain, cards for units, items, status's, playing pieces, reference sheets, and a rulebook (not seen are the few dice I own).

That's an army... each little cardboard square is a guy with his or her own strengths and special abilities...

There were some problems with this first version... one major thing. So many gosh darn pieces. Just look at all those little pieces. There's gotta be a couple hundred of them... I had lots of time in those days.

There have been a couple attempts made to try and fix the games flaws. A recent request for me to post the rules up here :D, has rekindled my hope for this game. I sat down and worked out a few major problems this game has and I think I'm going to make another iteration of this long and nearly forgotten game.

Below are links to the two versions of the rulebook.

Tactics David 2003
Tactics David 2008

They might be... slightly confusing?
Here's to hoping 2010's is much much better.


Check out the 2010 version 3.0 :D
Tactics David 2010 V3.0

Tactics David V3.1


So what did I go and do? I went and took a couple pictures so I could actually show you what "Eggplant" looks like, kind of.

Here's the amazing terrarium complete with Giant Stone Head from Squidward. I really want to make some more stuff to put in there. Something out of K'nex perhaps! I will make some sort of fort for more hanging fun. My Prickly Leaf Bug will be the happiest of them all.

Can you see where she is?! I'll give you a hint, she's right above the L and A, upside down.

There she is! She's so prickly and pointy. She can even cling to the completely flat slippery glass surface, I don't know how, it defies my logic as her feet are more like little claws for latching and such... That' her butt by the way, curving out in that leafy shape :P

Homeless People are Afoot

Mermaid's don't have feet. They also don't have Garbage. Well actually, that's not true, they have plenty of garbage thanks to us so nevermind.

Being homeless has got to be super dangerous. This one time, when I was taking out the garbage at work, I opened the cardboard-only dumpster, which had been left open, and I found a blanket and a t.v. in it. Hmm... I looked around, didn't see anyone, then just left it in there. It was too far to reach! I'm sorry cardboard recycling plant, but homeless people are afoot.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prickly Leaf Bug

YEE! So my step sister got me one heck of a crazy Christmas present - and I love it.

My face was slightly surprised and nervous and fearful when I started to pull a terrarium out of it's wrappings...

To my surprise and delight and interest and curiosity... there was a Giant Prickly Leaf Bug inside!

These guys are pretty sweet beans. I got a female, her name is "Eggplant." "Eggplant!" I say, "How's it going?" And she sways back and forth and says, "Leave me alone!" Good times.

So they get up to 6 inches long! They like to sway back and forth if they feel any sort of breeze to try and look like a leaf, hence their name. They eat bramble leaves and I just have to spray the leaves with water everyday. Pretty kool!

I can't wait for Eggplant to grow up really big and EVOLVE INTO SOME MASSIVE INSECT! So I'm kind of into Pokemon right now - she won't literally evolve...

Eggplant! (Not actually my Eggplant, but it'll give you an idea!)

No You Don't Michael Cera

Islands is a pretty awesome band :D. Just learned they are actually Canadian too, very kool! They are founded by "The Unicorns" frontman Nick Thorburn.

Anyway, everyone know who Michael Cera is? I hope so. He's that kid from Juno, Arrested Development, and ya, ya you know the guy. Well Islands went and put him in one of their videos...

Haha, it's a trippy drug video of sorts and... the music's good too! No You Don't.

Zulu Records

Okay, so I must tell you about this store. It is called Zulu Records and it's located in Vancouver.

Wow. It has the largest selection of music, and stuff I actually like, then anywhere else I've ever been. Tons of indie stuff and punk and metal and basically everything you could ever want you will most likely find at this place. You can listen to anything you want before buying it I'm pretty sure, or just chill and listen to the tons of cd's already loaded into one of those boxes with headphones attached to it.

There's a huge selection of used cd's as well and a hole big $6 dollar blow out section. They also sell tickets to bands playing at local venues!

So what did I get? Well if I had more money I'd be buying stuff left and right and up and down and jumping around. I found, and I can't believe it almost, but I actually found "The Unicorns" album "Who Will cut our Hair When We're Gone?" And I also managed to find "The Flaming Lips" album "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots."

I was born a Unicorn
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt.1

So Slide a Little Longer on my Feet

Zip zap zoom,
I'm riding a broom,
Eat it!
Carve a little hole in my arm,
Look through it now,
What do I see?
Doesn't matter, I'm blind,
It's not even my arm,
It's some homeless guys
Dodge! Duck! Roll! Escape!
Flip the house,
Come on and be literal for a change!
Strangely do a jig,
Everyone's invisible,
So slide a little longer on my feet,
It's getting hot so hot too hot but hot enough,
to light the fire in my heart,
and take a pill for the burn,
It spills out my throat,
and I GAG! GAG! GAG!
Pat. Pat. Pat.
"Are you okay?"
I can't rightly know.

Hold the lightbulb and flick that switch,
On and off and off and on,
Grab that idea and tease it,
Please it all night long,
And sleep on it to just wait and see,
If it's still there beside me in the morning.
Yellow yellow polka dotted cream.

That was kind of random wasn't it?

Watch out for the Brightness! AND that bush.

Okay, so it's finally up, the new IAMBush triangle dude comic. Plus last week's Brightness comic.

So I'm starting to get settled into school and I know lately it's kind of been hit or miss when it comes to new comics during certain weeks. Well, guess what...

I sat down and squeezed out a whole bunch of new ones, there will be no further delays or mishaps in comic update land! Hoorah!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yes, I know. I'm sorry.

None comics this week. Yes, I know. I'm sorry. It's this busy busy time of year and such :P

Let me get settled into the new school semester okay? Please?

I'll be back. Yes, yes I will.