Monday, January 18, 2010

Tactics David

So what the heck is Tactics David? Well it just happens to be a game I made up way long ago when I was young and had plenty of time to do whatever.

The Original Tactics David was created in 2003, was only played once, and was ended abruptly as a quick movement of air sent little paper pieces all over. I still have all the pieces... Have a look...

There's the game box, a shoe box with some tape on it. Very fancy. And beside it is the mass amount of pieces that all play a part in this game. A grid board, terrain, cards for units, items, status's, playing pieces, reference sheets, and a rulebook (not seen are the few dice I own).

That's an army... each little cardboard square is a guy with his or her own strengths and special abilities...

There were some problems with this first version... one major thing. So many gosh darn pieces. Just look at all those little pieces. There's gotta be a couple hundred of them... I had lots of time in those days.

There have been a couple attempts made to try and fix the games flaws. A recent request for me to post the rules up here :D, has rekindled my hope for this game. I sat down and worked out a few major problems this game has and I think I'm going to make another iteration of this long and nearly forgotten game.

Below are links to the two versions of the rulebook.

Tactics David 2003
Tactics David 2008

They might be... slightly confusing?
Here's to hoping 2010's is much much better.


Check out the 2010 version 3.0 :D
Tactics David 2010 V3.0

Tactics David V3.1

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