Monday, January 18, 2010


So what did I go and do? I went and took a couple pictures so I could actually show you what "Eggplant" looks like, kind of.

Here's the amazing terrarium complete with Giant Stone Head from Squidward. I really want to make some more stuff to put in there. Something out of K'nex perhaps! I will make some sort of fort for more hanging fun. My Prickly Leaf Bug will be the happiest of them all.

Can you see where she is?! I'll give you a hint, she's right above the L and A, upside down.

There she is! She's so prickly and pointy. She can even cling to the completely flat slippery glass surface, I don't know how, it defies my logic as her feet are more like little claws for latching and such... That' her butt by the way, curving out in that leafy shape :P

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