Friday, April 22, 2011

Epic Warhammer Clobbering

Been a while since I posted pictures from a Warhammer battle (to be honest I've just forgotten to bring my camera to any other games). So I finally remebered to bring that camera thingamabob and snapped these pics.

It's a 3000 point game, me and a friend using Chaos and Vampire Count versus my friend's High Elves. As you can see there is a rather large unit on the other side of the table... that would be a 80 squad of High Elf Spearmen! Biggest unit I've ever seen. It's hard to believe that's the whole 3000 point army over there :P but it is.

So later on the Spearmen finally engaged my Grave Guard and were unable to punch through thanks to some Helm of Commandment Magic and the units toughness and armor. Some Chaos chewed through some High Elf Swordmasters and swung in to engage the flank, and some Trolls came in on the other flank... Things don't look good for the High Elves, but it gets worse!

My Vampire Lord uses "The Withering" reducing the High Elf Spearmen's toughness to a measly "1" and the Chaos Caster manages to get off "Static seizures" causing a toughness test on the High Elves... needless to say a toughness test where "1" is your only save is... catastrophic! About 60 died, brutal!

Drafting Class

Here's one of my final projects for one of this semester's drafting classes. Basically it was a "paste-up day" where everyone puts together stuff for a final display. This is mine!

I decided to try something a little different and made a three dimensional floor plan for my house as well as put together some snazzy renders. It took a lot of work to make these floor plans, but I'm real happy about 'em - they even have itsy, tiny windows!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Adventure Time Episodes

Anyone remember Adventure Time? I hope so. And if not it's not the end of the world, but if you miss this then it might just be the end of the world! OH NO! Fire, everywhere, just all up the place ya know.

So I promptly watched the first season over and over again and waited for the second season then kind of.. umm... forgot about it... NOOO! But luckily I've found a website where you can watch all the episodes online! :D

There's other cartoons on this site as well, but I've mostly just checked out Adventure Time.

Revit Animation

So my drafting class has been going good and this semester is coming to an end. I've finished my final projects HOORAY! Now, I'd like to share one of them with yous peoples, it's my final animation assignment for one of my classes.

Check it out Here!

Inuyasha... and other Anime!

I've recently been obsessed with watching some anime. It's great - what can I say. I recently finished watching Gundam Wing Double Zero (or something along those lines, honestly there's like a bazillion different Gundam shows!) and also Inuyasha!

Both great! Inuyasha has close to 200 episodes! It's nuts, I don't wanna do the math and think about how much time I spent watching them all over a period of three weeks.

Anyways, I found a great site with lots of anime for you to watch via the internetz!

Check out


Tdcomics is going swimmingly! I love saying that word. Swimmingly. I wish I could use it in 60% of my sentences.

So far I've showed no signs of slowing down - still at 2 comics a week. Not bad! Considering how many other projects I got on the go. Oh, plus a video game. What's that? A Triangle Dude video game you ask? Well most certainly perhaps. Only time will tell :D

Anywho, check out some Pokemon inspired Triangle Dude goodness in Catch Em All.

Mario Candy!

My friend got these for me (along with Pokemon Black, yeee!) and they are sweet. Quite literally. Inside these awesome looking tins was candy! I have already consumed all candy, and it was delicious. The mushroom had these little cherry mushrooms in it, and the question box had coins! COINS! (Candy coins)

Transparent Vinyl

Woo! I finally got my STRFKR transparent vinyl record not too long ago! Isn't it fancy with a capital ANCY? Hadn't heard of this band either until recently and I instantly fell for them. It's catchy catchy stuff.

Here's a song, because songs are neato. Rawnald Gregory Erickson

Minecraft Server!

Okay, yes, another Minecraft post. I promise this will be the last for a while! Finally got an isometrically rendered version of the server I play on - it's a friend of a friend's server. Those who are interested the server is:

When you first login you'll only be a guest and will only be able to look around. Make an account on the forum if you want actually build stuff etc. This is to deter griefers mostly.

The map is pretty huge, but the whole thing hasn't even been explored yet, we're still a long way off. There's about 6-8 more regular players at the moment, about 12-15 in all.

For a larger view where you can actually zoom in a bit check link out: Zeenixcraft Map

You can see Cascadia in the map! It's dwarfs every other thing on the server and is visible from space! (space being zoomed way way out)