Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Om Nom Dude

I put a new Triangle Dude design up in the Shop! It is a very hungry dude willing to eat just about anything you can toss into his enormous pie hole. Check it out in the store HERE

I really have fun drawing Triangle Dudes with giant gaping mouths carved out of the sides of their faces... there's just something silly and delightful about it.


I've been browsing a lot at Know Your Meme. It is an absolutely hilarious site for all things internet humor. Some of my favorite memes are...


60's Spiderman

Milhouse is not a Meme

Internet Husband

Nigel Remix

Hipster Mermaid

Not sure if

Paula Deen Riding Things

Zuckerberg Note Pass

Socially Awkward Penguin

Okay... so there are really too many to name, just check the website out!

I also found Cleverbot through the site and had a couple conversations with it, it can be pretty smart and random and just funny at times.

House Boating!

Holidays is over! Went House Boating with the family on Shuswap Lake.

It was a blast! Swam lots, finished two books, drew a bit, ate foods, played games, and soaked up the sun! I narrowly escaped a sunburn - and I did get over a hundred bites all over ma body. Arms, legs, neck, hands, feet, body, and back... SO ITCHY. It's finally subsiding though... rotten mosquitoes and sand flea watcha-ma-callits.

Spider Crabs are Cool

Triangle Dude has resumed! Back in action after my holiday. We got some hooligan wizards messing up a storm of trouble, trouble I say!

The Wizards

Also, while I was away it was requested for me to do some new sort of epic picture for possible desktop wallpaperness. There was something else I wanted to do, but it didn't feel quite as epic... then after thinking for a bit I decided I might as well revisit the crew of the S.S. Gets Attacked By Octopus.

In the near future I should hopefully get a new picture out tied to that same crew :D

Here's a sketch I did while I was away - it'll give an idea for what'll be coming up!