Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prickly Leaf Bug

YEE! So my step sister got me one heck of a crazy Christmas present - and I love it.

My face was slightly surprised and nervous and fearful when I started to pull a terrarium out of it's wrappings...

To my surprise and delight and interest and curiosity... there was a Giant Prickly Leaf Bug inside!

These guys are pretty sweet beans. I got a female, her name is "Eggplant." "Eggplant!" I say, "How's it going?" And she sways back and forth and says, "Leave me alone!" Good times.

So they get up to 6 inches long! They like to sway back and forth if they feel any sort of breeze to try and look like a leaf, hence their name. They eat bramble leaves and I just have to spray the leaves with water everyday. Pretty kool!

I can't wait for Eggplant to grow up really big and EVOLVE INTO SOME MASSIVE INSECT! So I'm kind of into Pokemon right now - she won't literally evolve...

Eggplant! (Not actually my Eggplant, but it'll give you an idea!)

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