Monday, April 26, 2010

Is it done yet?

Does anyone remember my first post about Tactics David? Well, guess what... over 3 months later I'm finally done the next iteration. Version 3.0, new and improved. Check out the book here, Tactics David 2010 V3.0. It's 65 pages of awesome, at least I think so.

Included is the 25 page rule book and the 40 page unit and item book.
So far there's 202 Units, and I've got more ideas... why must have I so many?

This book is pretty... "plain" at the moment though, no fancy artsy pizazz or pictures. Also, even though the book is done, the playing pieces are not. But the foundation work is finally all laid out. Time to... take... a break...

Tactics David V3.1

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