Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Starcraft Mapping

Oh yes, this coming Saturday me and some friends will be gathering the computers into a single room all for the purpose of gaming. LAN. This week we should be getting 5 people together which is much more than we usually have. Let the fun begin.

With this abnormally numbered group me and my friends have been making some new 5 player maps. We usually play Starcraft, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, and Unreal Tournament. We have a good chunk of time to play games so who knows what else might get played.

Anyways, I've been working on a new 5 player Starcraft map. Hopefully it turns out well. I really wish there was some way to block air units from going into certain areas. I know you can do this in Warcraft 3, but I guess for now I just have to live with it. The problem is having a huge air force attack you from the back of your base... I guess it can happen in any map, but I'd rather not have it in this map. Oh well, it should still be fun. Here it is!

The lighter color is raised ground and the circles are resource locations - players start on the outer squares of the pentagon. It's really basic, but with five people running around the center it should be fun :P


djahren said...

Can I haz Starcraft playing fun time with David + friends? I love how you really put so much thought into it. :)

Vorgus said...

Aw, we're totally gonna have to do some Starcraft!