Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Breathe In Radio

I was gone away to a land called America last week! I did have tons of fun and also got to be a guest on an awesome internet radio talk show called Breathe In Radio. The show is hosted by the incredible Julie Keegan and Beverly Graham! Although, Beverly was also abroad and I didn't get the chance to meet her. Instead, I was on the show with Julie and Chef Patti!

I had a great time and got to talk about my artwork and Triangle Dude! You can check out my interview and the rest of the show right here. I'm on Show 28 - February 1st! (David Gray :P)

For just a little more information about Breathe In Radio... this is off their website which is quoted from the South Whidbey Record:

"Listeners can expect a community-based radio show that is interactive and tries to inform, entertain and make listeners feel good about life."
"The show will air for two hours and will feature guests from around the community; alternative health practitioners, artists, merchants, authors and interesting characters."

Checks it out! :D

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