Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Triangle Dude

I forgot. I can't believe I forgot. I forgot Triangle Dude's Birthday!

Yes, can you believe it? It's actually been just over a year since I started this. I have to say any expectation I had was blown away and I wasn't even sure if I'd ever make it this far. Thanks to all my fans of course - whom without would make me a very sad panda.

And thanks to all those fans I can share some interesting stats (I think so at least!).

Since September 19, 2008 there has been...
-125,000 visits from 114,000 unique visitors for a total of 320,000 page views!
(at one point there was even 15,000 visits in one day, ONE DAY!)
-out of those 125,000 visits 10,000 people are returning visitors!
(that's 8%, and though that sounds small - IT IS HUGE)

And when you consider there are not even 200 comics yet... well... I'm happy! I'm ecstatic!

I won't bore you with anymore stats, but I will say thanks to everyone again! And happy belated birthday Triangle Dude! Here's some "See Triangle Dude," and "Night Outside".

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