Sunday, September 6, 2009

Comics eh?

"Playing King", "Mermaid", "Bright Idea", "Lunch Pack", "Die Shop".

Yes... new comics... and a new slightly disappointing schedule - new comics every Tuesday and Friday.

"But David!" you exclaim, "that is one less comic a week!"
"Yes, your point is duly noted," I'll say and continue, "but there is a reason for this."

You see, I'm starting school this week. School basically means I have to sit somewhere other than at my computer, where I make comics, and learn for hours on end. So, unfortunately, I won't have time to do three comics a week and go to school as well.

Sorry to everyone out there, I really wish I could go the other way with this and do four comics a week, but it just isn't going to happen. Hopefully nobody out there says, "screw you David! I'm not reading your comic anymore," because that would be bad bad bad I say.

Thanks everyone who does keep coming back and enjoys looking at what I've managed to scribble into a comic each week - it does mean a lot!

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