Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Conceptin'!

Well I've got a couple more drawings I've done for the Dominance War. I'm really enjoying pumping out these drawings and I think I'm getting better. :D

Anywho, we're still in concept phase and really have no idea what creature we want to push for the final project. I know if I did these over there would already be a bunch more detail I'd add in things I'd change, but for now - have a look!

I've got a gelatinous blob of sorts who is outfitted with gauntlets of sorts. He'd pummel his enemy to death and just consume whatever is left. He was pretty fun to draw and I should really make a more menacing version, but this one makes me smile lol. The Blob's pretty blank faced and really would only enjoy being a blob of sorts.

THEN... I've got this aquatic mutated whatchamacallit. With tentacle like mouth and a head full of feelers and sensors. There's one arm turned claw, and one wielding a crossbow capable of firing an anchor (I'm not sure if I'm too fond of the crossbow - I'd probably change it or do something different with that arm if I went further with this). One leg is a mechanical peg leg - pretty nifty lol.

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