Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Exercise

Triangle Dude brings you a slightly helpful guide on "How to Exercise". I really want to try this, but alas... I do not have a treadmill - let alone one I'd want to chance destroying...

Anyways, The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately and so I've actually managed to get outside a fair amount! Which is the main inspiration for the comic above. My goal this year... is to get a tan - not even a good one, just some sort of tan. Last year I remained a white white white white no tan white... much like the Triangle Dude "White and Nerdy" comic.

So it was beautiful outside as I mentioned. Me and some friends took the Skytrain and Bus down to Vancouver and went rollerblading! Yeah! We rollerbladed up to Stanley Park, did a lap around the sea wall, and went all the way down to Telus World of Science... it was a bit of a workout! Almost 20 kilometres... or for you imperialists - 12 miles! Ya, I felt like collapsing when I got home. Good day!

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