Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Triangle Dudes

Well, I finally added some new comics! Hooray! It truly had been a long time since the last few comics I had made.

This round of new comics includes some various Valentine Day comics for asking out your Sweety. Wink Wink. Also, I've decided the moon is just full of itself, some noses are too pointy, and the future of vehicular propulsion rests on the shoulders of the "external combustion engine."

Hopefully the period between this and the next round of comics won't be so long, but I've learned I really suck at keeping this kind of promise. New Triangle Dude's will be... whenever I feel like it! They truly are slowing down, but I still plan to get at least 400 of them, and finish the rest of the books - you know, for completions sake!

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