Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Many Licks?

Today is exactly the day that marks the 6 month anniversary of Triangle Dude's website launch date. In 6 months a lot has happened actually. Many improvements and features were added and I'm very pleased with the amount of traffic it's been receiving.

(that means people are actually looking at it!) :D

Originally the site was extremely basic, and wasn't all that browser and resolution friendly for some. It's still fairly simple and it isn't perfect, but since the beginning I feel it's gotten much better!

The site has had one major make-over since its fruition and will probably see more in the future. I want to thank all my friends and fans for all their input and support! I truly appreciate it.

One more big-ish thing happened yesterday... and that was the launch of the Triangle Dude RSS Feed! You can now subscribe to the feed by clicking the RSS link located under each comic on the website. Or... I'll even provide you with the nice little button below - because I'm nice like that lol.

Anyways, today's comic features the little kid from those tootsie pop commercials... That owl is a real jerk lol. And just because it's funny... "Over 9000 Licks"

Here's the comic! Finally! Gosh!
"How Many Licks?"

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