Monday, March 9, 2009

Warhammer Weekend!

Saturday!... is sadly over now... but! 'Twas amazing this weekend. Got up early and watched "Chowder," went to my friends house and played some video games, went to games workshop, and had a really really really good Warhammer battle.

So, first of all, Chowder is hilarious. It's more than worth it to get up at 8:00 in the morning to watch it. For some... that's not that early so... COME ON! You know you want to see why... The Best of Chowder.

The Warhammer battle was great! And... we actually finished an entire game! A whole 6 turns! It took us... quite a while actually lol. I even have some super, duper, amazing, awesome pictures to put up!

Here's mine and my friend's entire forces. On the left is my friend's Eldar force and on the right is my Tau Force. Both of us have approximately 2500 points-ish.

Here's a horribly cropped and combined photo of the battlefield on the first turn. The battle was between the left 3000 point force of Eldar units vs. the right force of 1500 point Tau and 1500 point Imperial Guard units.

Here's a photo from the third turn I believe. 3 Basilisks are still sending indirect fire from the top right corner into the left Eldar force. But the Eldar forces are many and ended up getting really close to the other side of the board and even getting in combat with a few units.

*UPDATE* Just so nobody gets completely confused. We usually end up representing certain units on the battlefield. We're not rich! (As Warhammer, for those who don't know, is kinda pricy.)

We actually finished all 6 turns and the battle ended in a draw.
There's a bunch more photos over on Flickr. Check out my Warhammer Photo Set.


Jappening said...

Dude! you should probably have explained that we represent what we don't have with other models lol. Cuz if a warhammer player looked at this, they'd be very confused to see massive sqads of IG in the midst of the eldar force lol!

Also, I think that was one of the best battles we've ever played!

Vorgus said...

Hahaha, yes, that is an important point to :P
I'm gonna add a little note in the post about that lol.

It totally was one of the best battles ever too. Nobody was totally decimated and both sides were doing damage while holdin' their own. It was a great match up.