Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mourning-After Pill Artwork

I'm so tired...
I've been at this art for quite a while now...
But, all that time and hard work is paying off! :D

I've been making some artwork for Fairfire's new EP called "Mourning-After Pill." There's been a couple iterations and some changes here and there, but hopefully, I'm thinking, (crossing my fingers) that this is pretty much it. That all the really hard production work is done now and the images are approved and ready for print! :D

I really liked the first iterations of some of the characters, but I managed to improve them quite a bit this time around. I was really fond of the original Call Girl design, but the style wasn't as fitting with everything else. She was more my style, but it's not all about "my style" lol.

Here are the pictures!

And just because it's cool to see how they all changed I'm gonna put up the originals here too. :P
Some are not incredibly different, and it's not that the others were bad - they just weren't right. I still like 'em :D

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