Friday, March 27, 2009


Death tends to linger here and there. Well... actually it's freakin' everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE! Bugs, animals, plants, microscopic-whats-its, and even the individual cells in your own body are constantly dieing and being replaced.

Interestingly, the rate at which our cells die and are replaced are supposedly controlled by our genes and DNA (I love the Discovery Channel). So, one day through genetic engineering we may be able to increase our genes instructions to replace those cells at the same rate they are dieing... meaning... we never die! HUZZAH!

Of course, this assumes no outside influence I suspect. Escpecially if you did happen to land on a very sharp pole somehow which pierced you and the blood and the pain and the "Death". Triangle Dude knows what I'm talking about.

Anyways, I remember doing this death clock in high school. Apparently, I have until July 3, 2075. That's 66 more years... holy smokes. It'll be summer too - that's pretty nice I guess :D lol

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