Sunday, June 21, 2015

Toys R Us Amiibo Restock Madness!

This last week Toys R Us across Canada, slowly from west to east, have been getting restocked amiibos of a whole range of characters! There seems to have been a large amount of Lucario amiibos, but some stores have also been getting 4 or 5 of Marth, Little Mac, Wii Fit Trainer, Pit, Captain Falcon, Villager, and Fox. Pretty much all the ones I missed out on in the first wave.

I have to give an awesome wicked shout out to the Reddit Amiibo Canada community for the initial news of the restock - because without their help and hints I would have missed out again. I don't have a regular posting account on Reddit, but I do tend to lurk among the various threads a lot. I first caught wind of the restock from reddit in the middle of the afternoon. I was at work all day itching to get out and finally got to a Toys R Us around 6:00 pm. My girlfriend met me there and asked the cashier and manager about the Amiibos... THEY HAD THEM.

It really was like our very own Christmas!

From what they said it sounded like the regular processing guy was sick and that they were all still boxed up in the back. Our eyes lit up. They were here. We hadn't missed them, but, but, was it even possible to get any? The manager said they wouldn't be up for a couple hours, but our politeness and excitement must have won him over because he was kind enough to go look for the ones we wanted in the back. He was in the back for about 45 minutes (there really must have been a ton of boxes) and brought out almost all the ones we asked for! Now our eyes REALLY lit up! Literally the first ones to get in on this store's restock, and we were stunned with our luck.

Here is the fabled haul of a few nights ago...

I'm still riding the high of the successful amiibo hunt motherload.

The stars seemed to align that night, but it wouldn't have happened if not for awesome reddit communty, the Toys R Us manager, and that sick employee. Thank you all, and I hope you feel better sick employee ;)

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