Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rayman Origins

I got this game a few years ago now, and as I've mentioned before... I'm a little behind, but I finally got some time to take a crack at it with my girlfriend!

It was an absolute blast! Both of us thoroughly enjoyed Rayman Origins. It was my first time really playing a Rayman game that wasn't simply Raving Rabbids and I was very delighted with the game - so much so that I fully intend to buy the follow-up game, Rayman Legends, when I get a chance.

We're coming for you next!
What most people will probably notice first is the wonderful art in the game. The hand drawn levels and characters are all highly polished and exquisitely detailed. I often found myself just looking at its beauty. I'd notice some sort of detail and just stop and oggle at it like I was in some sort of art induced trance...

It's so pretty!
The levels themselves are all also intelligently designed and crafted for enjoyment and challenge. Me and my girlfriend found a few of the levels pretty hard, which is great, and it took both of our skills and co-op tag teaming to triumph them!

The music was also really fun and catchy. For instance, when flying on a mosquito the music heavily features the glorious instrument that is the kazoo! It fits perfectly.

Some of the levels are more difficult with two players, but some of the levels are definitely made easy and in our experience made possible to beat with two players. The game allows up to 4 players and If imagine it would be pretty fun with a full load of people, but also maybe a lot more difficult with everyone hitting each other.

It was an amazing game and we had a blast. I can't wait to try the next one on the WiiU!

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