Sunday, June 28, 2015

Extra! Extra! The Lettuce is out of Control!

The garden is doing great so far, but the lettuce is taking over! It's a hostile plant which has finally shown its true bloodthirsty nature... Random lettuce patches attacked in various parts of the garden. We gathered them up and got them back in line, but they are growing. Their power is astonishing. Do not anger the lettuce.

The radishes are all done and I'm happy to say we got a decent amount, but did lose a lot of them to some hungry hungry bugs. (I'll find you pesky bugs, and I'll politely ask you to go eat someone else's plants thank you very much). The power hungry lettuce army has since taken the radishes spot in the garden.

The hot peppers are shortly trudging along after a month or two of slow growth. They are still growing and I can tell they are getting bigger. Still no peppers though... Sigh. I just want to put spicy things in my mouth.

We've also been getting some handfuls of strawberries lately which is exciting! They taste delicious and awesome and yummy in my tummy! Ooo ya! Go strawberries! Mathematical!

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