Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lego. You so Cool.

I went to my local toy and game store the other day (which is totally rad and deserves its own post one day) and found some of those Lego minifigure packages. I've seen them in a few different stores and was always wanting to get one or two or some, but the price always deterred me. They're about 4 dollars for one guy!

These guys are so cool!
Last weekend I caved and bought two of them. I was so excited to see which figure I got! My girlfriend helped choose one from the basket and I chose the other and when we opened them we saw that I found a very dashing snake charmer and she found the hot dog costume guy!!

Looking good little Lego people.
The hot dog guy was one of the one I totally wanted and I could hardly believe she picked it!! Does the hot dog guy still like hot dogs or maybe he's sick of them by now and his smile is all part of the sell... It's hard to tell when Lego people are being genuine or not, but I believe this guy loves hot dogs! Delicious round cylinders of meat (or in my case veggie meat, mmmm).

There's so many!
The are 16 different figures of all sorts and kinds and there are different series and sets of them. It's really sweet to have such a unique character. I really want to get the unicorn girl next... We'll see...
I also would love this dinosaur guy.

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