Saturday, April 18, 2015

Michael Hampton… CHECKAROO!

I done it. I finally done it. I've finished going through my super duper new favourite book - it's that art one I'm always raving about. You know the one. The Michael Hampton one. I've talked about it a lot in the past so I'll mainly just share a couple of the last drawings I did with it. Eventually I'd like to review it in a digital format with my tablet - I feel it helps to do it on paper and on the screen. Step by step I'm reaching for the stars. Super cheesy - lay on that cheese David.

I'll visit clothing and drapery more in the future, this book offered a brief chapter on drapery in general. It gave some basic tips and talked a little bit about basic fold types such as the U-fold, End fold, Z-fold, Spiral fold, Cylinder fold, and Pinch fold. And zippity zoppety I'm all done the book. WOO!

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