Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smash Bros. Excitement Overload

Mewtwo came out this month! WOO! I'm not a huge Mewtwo player, but they also announced the return of Lucas! That's a character I can get behind. Lucas doesn't come out until June and I can hardly contain my excitement… WOOO Yahoo! Woohoo! swoosh, swish, other noises. And with Mewtwo and Lucas on the way the DLC door has been opened.

As DLC is a real option now there could be all manner of fighters in the future, and Nintendo wants to hear from the fans! That means you and me and me and you! The Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot allows people to vote for a character they wish to see come to Smash Bros. I have diligently voted for Banjo-Kazooie. Runners up being King K. Rool, Waluigi, and Geno.

If we get Banjo-Kazooie maybe we can also get Mumbo Jumbo?

A lot of people have said it's a waste of a vote as the developer Rare hasn't been with Nintendo for a long long time. Nintendo only had Rare for a few Super Nintendo and N64 games… but I say bah! I will vote for him still. Rare may not have been with Nintendo for long, but they created some of the best games for the Super Nintendo and N64. Literally, generation defining games.

Banjo-Kazooie had a long list of moves in their games, would be unique (although maybe similar to Duckhunt), and a Banjo-Kazooie amiibo would be amaze-balls. Speaking of amiibos… The collection is getting a little out of hand, but that's okay! Because they are beautiful and precious!

Gotta catch em all?

I haven't gotten many of the rarer ones, but hopefully one day I will. I'm on the ammibo hunt for good deals on amazon and ebay, but they are hard to come by… :( waaah! Just got to keep it up. It's the daily struggle. And there's another wave coming in the future with a whole bunch I want to get such as Olimar, Ganondorf, Greninja, Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario, and more! Good luck everyone!

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