Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boston Dynamics Big Dog

I found this video not too long ago and thought it was worth writing a post about. Why? Well... because it's the most amazing robot I've ever seen! Robots can do all sorts of things, but what this one does just totally shocked me. It's all in the way it moves. One problem robots have when moving is balance. If a surface is perfectly flat and the course is all pre-planned well cool, but nowhere near as amazing as this robot. The Boston Dynamics Big Dog must be virtually impossible to knock over. It can traverse hills and rocky surfaces, and it can even jump. The most amazing thing for though is how it handles ice, which though however ungraceful it does not fall over, and when a person actually tries to kick it over. The Big Dog regains it's balance and continues to push forward unphased. The only thing, and I'll warn you, is that it is noisy!

You really have to see it to be amazed though. Check it out here on youtube.

Also, some people put together a little parody of it which is pretty hillarious. I honestly believed it in the beginning. Just check it out here on youtube as well.

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