Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Beard

The beard is something only the manliest of men can grow. I'm not going to claim that I'm the manliest of men, but I do love my beard. These pictures were taken over the course of 4 weeks - one for each day. Day to day there is not a huge difference, but the contrast between the end and beginning sure do show the growth. I also put the pictures into a video... I think it makes my beard look like a Chia Pet. "Cha Cha Cha Chia!"

After doing this it made me think of another idea. Why not take pictures like this... but for the rest of my life. It would be quite the experience - although I would never see the very end of it. Even if I put it together in parts throughout my life... the last bit would have to be finished by somebody else. I just think it would be cool to see the gradual aging and wear and tear of the body begin to show. You'd know how I was up until the very end.

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