Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The one Time Power

This is the story about a boy with an amazing power. What power is that you ask? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves now. I'll tell you... right now! See how I made you wait an extra couple seconds. Yes, yes, I'll tell you. His power - the almighty power I've been wanting to tell you - is the power to take one thing and make it different. Now what kind of power is that?! Well unlike most super powers... this is more of a one time power. How does the boy know he has this power? I really have no clue and it really doesn't matter, but he does! So, he can only use it once. What one thing will he make different? Let's find out.

The boy - oh wait, wait, hold on... I can't call him "the boy" the whole story. Ummm... honestly a name in this case isn't that important. What's the saying? "A rose by any other name?" Something Shakespeare - you know what I'm talking about, and if not holy smokes go back to high school please. Anyways a name in this case, as I said, is not important. A name is merely a label. It's very much like the kitchen cabinet with it's labeled spices and such. Oregano, Pepper, Paprika, Mark, David, John. See? A name is merely a label, it neither makes a man, nor defines his actions. Let's label "the boy" as D. Yes a simple letter. That's all there needs to be. The 4th in the alphabet - very acceptable, very appropriate, very balanced.

Okay! so... now where was I? Oh yes! The story, the story! I almost got taken off to another world by that tangent. I'll come back to it at a later date perhaps. Another road to explore. Who knows where it could lead, or to what? Okay, back to the story! Still with me? Good. Here we go. For real this time. I promise. Okay? Okay!

The emptiness of the morning woke D from his slumber. He was not used to being so alone. He did not like it. D stretched out and turned his music on. Ah. Music, a wonderful, wonderful part of the world. What song was playing? Well it was of Montreal's "She's a Rejecter" of course - a wonderful, wonderful song. A wonderful, wonderful part of the world. Alright, time to get up. D did the usual morning routine all the while examining the sounds, or lack there of, in the house.

Alright, the morning routine is done... now what? D thought about his power. When would he use it? He could use it on something selfish, but that did not sit well with D. He could use it on something for someone else and that would make D feel better, but he wanted to be selfish. Things just never seemed quite right to D. If he did in fact do something selfish with his power... would it make things seem right? Either way D was unhappy. With that in mind it may be more obvious as to why D still has this power and hasn't used it yet.

SIGH. D SIGHED. He SIGHED deep... and it echoed. Wow. D realized just how empty this place was. Hello? A pause... and then Hello. Yes, definitely an echo. How D wished it was more than an echo. How are you today?! He yelled... and sure enough, How are you today?! the echo exclaimed right back.

I'm good thank you! Yelled D, and the echo answered right back, I'm good thank you!
What are you doing? D said and heard.
I'm just making conversation, I'm just making conversation.
You want to hang out with me!? You want to hang out with me!?

D played with his echo for hours and hours. They played hide and seek. They played chess. They even watched a movie together and cried and laughed out loud.

I like you! I like you!
You do?! You do?!
I do! I do!

Without even knowing it... D used his power and there before him... stood his echo.

You're... you're...
I'm your echo! replied Echo.
I like you! I like you too!
Will you play with me some more?! I'd love to!

And so D spent the rest of his days with Echo. The emptiness D and the house held was never heard again. Echo made D happy, and D made Echo happy. Together, the two were happy for the rest of their lives.


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