Monday, September 7, 2015

Lychee Woopee!

Lychee. All I ever knew was that it was a flavour you could get when you ordered bubble tea. Sweet, cold, delicious bubble tea with those slimy gummy tapioca pearls at the bottom. Also, the straws are really fat so you can suck up all the delicious goopy tapioca and lychee flavour... mmm...

Mmmm... I want some now!
So, I typically get the lychee flavour when I get bubble tea, but I had no idea what a lychee was or anything about it at all. I knew it tasted good - and for the most part that was good enough for me! However, while shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore a little while ago I noticed something labeled lychee. Could it be? The fabled fruit of the flavour I enjoy sucking through large straws? It was!

...interesting... AND DELICIOUS!
Here is a lychee in all it's glory. It's kind of small, spiky, and the inside reminds me of a gooey eyeball. All that aside it actually tastes the same as the bubble tea. Rather, now I should say the bubble tea tastes just like the fruit! I picked some up and have been enjoying them. I'm getting better at opening them, and am thinking of saving some of the massive seeds to try and plant my own lychee plant. :)

Nice tree you got there...
Okay... so the tree is kind of big and I don't really have a space to plant one... but maybe one day. One day this can be mine!

They look awesome! So many!

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