Monday, September 7, 2015

Bravely Default Complete!

Whew, hoooo, whew, gulp, heh heh, whew...

I finally beat Bravely Default. The final bosses are - exhausting. I beat them though so they can go fly a kite because this guy is victorious! The game has been a joy to play on my 3DS and I've managed to craft myself a pretty kick butt team. Even so, it still took me around 2.5 hours to beat the final two bosses! I was pretty much watching Archer the whole time on Netflix, but still pretty focused on the task in hand. In the end of it all I've sunk about 96 hours into the game... wow. Impressive? Depressing? You decide. All I know is I had plenty of fun the whole time - though the ending was a little exhausting.

The story was great, the combat was fun and exciting, and the whole game just has an overall polish that really makes it stand out. There are so many subtle details from the way the cut scenes are layed out to the great voice acting of pretty much every character. Features like being able to increase or decrease and outright turn off the random encounters means when you want to simply get from point A to B you can unimpeded. Having a main job and another job's ability as well as support abilities for each character allows you to really customize how you fight. My team changed throughout the entire game. I'd definitely recommend it, and say look out for the next installment in the series - Bravely Second!

Here’s my final team setup!

Tiz's main job is Knight with the Freelancer second.
Equipment: Bloody Shield, Bloody Shield, Ribbon, Heike Armor, and Genji Gloves.
Support Abilities: BP Recovery, Dual Shields, Slow and Steady, P. Def 10% Up, and Armor Lore.
 He’s a super tank with the ability to cover his allies, withstand most blows to the whole group, and deal a considerable amount of damage thanks to super charge and mimic.

Agnes's main job is Black Mage with the Time Mage second.
Equipment: Demon's Rod, Wonder Rod, Gold Hairpin, Black Robe, and Soul of Thamasa.
Support Abilities: BP Recovery, In the Red, Black Magic Amp, Angelic Ward, and Absorb M. Damage.
She can deal a mean bunch of damage to a large group of enemies or single out targets and lay down some devestating magic. She also ensures I'm acting first with Hastega and reviving allies with Reraise.

Edea's main job is Pirate with the Swordmaster second.
Equipment: Earthbreaker, Royal Crown, White Robe, and Hyper Bracers.
Support Abilities: Hawkeye, Two-Handed, P. Attack 20% Up, and Slow and Steady.
Edea is in charge of either weakening the enemy with Pirate skills or physically crushing an opponent with Free Lunch and Amped Strike.

Ringabel's main job is Spiritmaster with the White Mage second.
Equipment: Gale Staff, Aegis Shield, Gold Hairpin, Luminous Robe, and Force Armlets.
Support Abilities: BP Recovery, Holy One, Angelic Ward, and Auto-Shell.
Without Ringabel the team would surely crumble. He's a dedicated healer and also keeps the group alive while BP replenishes. Stillness is a game saver.

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