Monday, March 7, 2011

More... Minecraft

Yes, more, and forget about single player - servers be where it's at! It's great playing with other people. Anywho, just a short look at what the heck I've spent the last few weeks building... it's a monstrosity that's for sure.

Basically, it is 4 giant discs, getting larger as they go up. The centers of which are glass and the edges are dirt. Waterfalls will pour off from every edge - earning this city landscape the name of "Cascadia."

It's so large... you could see it from space!

It is not properly lit up yet and so the discs above cast this giant shadow below. Mobs spawn in shadows just so's ya knows - it's currently a dangerous place!

I'm on the very top level now, construction is nearing completion :D

Just to get an idea of how large this is: the largest disc measures 200 blocks in diameter, the smallest is 100. Overall the structure will use approx. 112,000 pieces of dirt and over 30,000 pieces of glass. Ya, sick.

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