Monday, January 3, 2011


So It's been a while yes. Hello everyone. What's been up? Stuff.

Particularly fun stuff! I got to go snow tubing for the first time a couple of days ago and was it ever a blast. We went up to Mount Seymour in North Vancouver. I've never been up to that mountain before and all I can say is that the view was magnificent. You can see so far! It's incredible.

Once you get done admiring the view you can start snow tubing! The hill is huge and you get some amazing speed going down the thing. There are "slow" signs telling when you should start dragging your feet to slow down before the end... and if you don't... well you might just fly off the ramp at the end and who knows where that goes. A couple people did go off the edge a few times, I'm sure they're fine lol

I uploaded some of the photos to my Flickr photostream, check 'em out! :D

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