Thursday, January 27, 2011

Minecraft <3

Minecraft! Oh boy! Has it ever taken off. I remember months ago when my little brother started playing - I remember watching him play this game and thinking, wow, if I ever played this game it very well could suck a lot of time out of my life. And so... I waited to get it, and waited a little more, and a little more. Now it's even bigger than before and I couldn't wait anymore! The time to lose my free time is now.

I finally got Minecraft :D and I love every bit of it. It's exploring, crafting, and building mechanics are simple, and addictive. It's like lego on steroids.. which you can then run around in. Plus, fighting zombies, exploring dangerous caves for rare materials, what more could there be!? But there's much more, and it's only in Beta! Picking up your copy now can save you some money, you'll get to play right away, and will get the full game when it comes out! OH, did I mention multiplayer?! :)

It doesn't really have instructions, but it's pretty easy to pick up once you get into it. Just read the controls, and if you're really stuck there's a super helpful Minecraft Wiki!

Using Cartographer you can make a maps and full renders of your Minecraft world... so here's mine! :D

A couple of the things I took a screenshot of were built after i took the map render, but just click to get a bigger look!

Now take a look at this and have a laugh. Minecraft :D


Jappening said...

Dude! My minecraft is going splendedly. I have built an epic tower, upon which I am constructing a sky castle - called sky-reach. this will be the nexus point of the heavenly highway, which will be a rail extending into the abyss of the sky for a length that i see fit, at which point i will build downward and construct a tower as a station of the highway. then I will return to sky-reach and build another route of the highway, and so forth lol. I have also been digging through an epic cave complex, and working to pave it down to a smooth journey through before constructing an underground city!

Vorgus said...

Aw that sounds so rad!! I want to travel on your heavenly highway! I totally wanted to make an underground city too!

Jason said...

Wow, any idea what seed that is?

Vorgus said...

Hey Jason! the seed was 3529574902359523692, I can't remember what version of minecraft I had been playing at the time so I'm not sure it'll look the same in version 1.1