Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No You Don't Michael Cera

Islands is a pretty awesome band :D. Just learned they are actually Canadian too, very kool! They are founded by "The Unicorns" frontman Nick Thorburn.

Anyway, everyone know who Michael Cera is? I hope so. He's that kid from Juno, Arrested Development, and ya, ya you know the guy. Well Islands went and put him in one of their videos...

Haha, it's a trippy drug video of sorts and... the music's good too! No You Don't.


Jappening said...

'anyways' is not a word.
'anyway' is a word.
epic fail.

Vorgus said...

Gah, YOU!
Haha, you know I'm always saying "anyways", but 99% of the time I catch myself and remember the time you told me not to do it... And I can hear your voice saying "it's not a word David." It's fixed so there :P