Friday, September 11, 2009


Dominance War is still a way way way off, but it's never too early to start drawing stuff! So here's some stuff I've been drawing lately.

Strangely enough I've been doing it all on the computer. Why is this strange? Well I almost never do this! I almost always start with an idea on paper, but I'm actually really happy and getting more comfortable doing it straight on the computer with a tablet. A sign of growth perhaps? I'll think yes and feel good about it. :D

Below we have a Nature Spirit who is kind of like a puppet master who controls the dead animals of a forest perhaps?
There's a robot who does I don't know what yet, but he's got guns and things on his back and I think his nose is like a turtles.

Then we have a Chaos Laboratory Experiment which has gone wrong with limbs and mouths and all sorts of stuff on it's body.
Crazed Swordsman with a thirst for power and "oneness" with his blade.

And lastly, a scorpion-ish robotic thing which prefers to go up into the mountains of surrounding battlefields, cling to the cliffs, and spot and pick off prey from very very far distances with it's ultra zoom lense and railgun.


Jappening said...

Forest spirit looks sweet. or at least, the dead animal with flesh does. the rest is too cartoony at this stage. you got a fierce looking animal - you need a fierce looking lady & skeleton. think strong wind blowing in multiple directions to make vines & vine like hair swirl around ominously. think not just ethereal spirit, but attach it to the ground by thick roots! good start though!.
Robot dude - needs a helluva lot more detail and unique qualities if you want to win Dominance.
Sword dude - see above.
Monstrosity - excellent start. but make it bigger! remember it's going to be 3D. perhaps where you have the bottom of it now, you could make into a giant top jaw of a gaping mouth that doesn't quite finish on the bottom because it turns into more tentacles and arms and mouths! don't forget eyes! and mouths inside mouths inside strange places like armpits & eye sockets! just think: what does chaos, given form, look like? think of something with no solid shape! what does it look like in an instance of swirling change?!?!

Vorgus said...

Thanks Jappening!

I appreciate the feedback very much! I can't wait to start doing some really detailed versions once this stage of conceptin' is complete!