Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Strange Skull

I drew! Yes you heard that correct! And I'm not saying my name is "drew" with really bad grammar. I draw. Well... I drew. You get it. I hope.

What exactly did I draw? That is still a little bit sketchy, but I can give you the basic idea - and provide a fancy picture to back it up of course. First of all... it's a skull. The skull itself is slightly off kilter and disfigured, but it still retains its skull like appearance. Thank goodness the human mind can interpret and adapt an image into a pre-defined category - meaning that something similar to a skull still looks like a skull. Now the skull also has... the crazy eyes. Yes, spiral of pure insanity. Something brought about from traveling to hell and back. Perhaps the hat is from hell as well. Do they have gift shops down there? A better question is if this skull could escape from hell in the first place? What if it was released for a darker purpose? Dark! This seems possibly unlikely because its hat is covered in nice, pretty flowers. The hair, what's left of it, also looks very pointy and dangerous... well... here it is!

I was kind of thinking about working it into some sort of design for my shop... could yeild some interesting results... I'll see. :D

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