Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cave Points

I always get the names of the pointy rocks mixed up. The Stalactite and the Stalagmite. The new Triangle Dude Comic "Cave Points" deals with this very issue! Hopefully making this comic will drive the names of those rocks into my head for good (not literally of course).

The Stalactite is the pointy one that HANGS from the CEILING.

The Stalagmite is the pointy one that GROWS from the GROUND.

They form from water dripping down. A stalactite will grow on the ceiling and underneath it a stalagmite will start to form. Eventually the two actually can meet and form a column! The fusing of two pointing rocks! I don't think the actual event is all the exciting though - neat to know though. The exact process and such can, of course, be found on the almighty Wikipedia.

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